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    I'm going to do a Babe Photo Thread. Yes, we now have a lot of them, but none of them satisfies me. They do have some great shots, but also many pedestrian ones. And the best Babe Ruth photos are presently scattered among about 10 other threads. So, I will consolidate the best ones into a single great Babe Ruth Photo Thread.

    So, I want to create one that will have only the good ones, so no one will have to wade through pages of hum-drum, so-so Babe photos, on 10 different threads, which are only for Babe's staunchest fans.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------My Sincere Eulogy To Babe Ruth

    Babe Ruth was many things to the game of Baseball. Its mightiest slugger, most loved player, most famous celebrity. He was the most-photographed athlete of all time. He made the most money/caused all players to make more money. He filled ballparks with more fans, created more new fans, hit the hardest/longest home runs, created more home run records than anyone else. He created more records than anyone besides Ty Cobb.

    Babe Ruth created the best/greatest hitting stats of any player. His hitting stat record had the most productive, graceful decline ever, with the lone exception of steroid abuser, Barry Bonds.

    He probably also drank the most beer, ate the most food/hot dogs, drank the most soda, tipped the best to service people, appeared at more charity events, visited more kids in hospitals, raised the most hell, had the most fun, patronized the most brothels than any athlete before or since. His death caused more pain, more sense of loss than any other player's.

    More words have been spoken about Babe Ruth than any other several players combined. More books have been written about him than any other player, by far. Over 100. He will no doubt continue to be the most discussed baseball player in history. He was the most influential player in terms of changing the way the game was played. And in that respect, the game's most important player. After Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth is the game's Most Decorated Ballplayer. He probably inspired more kids to take up baseball than anyone else. Along with Jack Dempsey, Babe may have been the most famous athlete of his time. And Dempsey's sport, boxing, was much more universally known/practiced.

    His very name has become an adjective - Ruthian. He is the common yardstick used to compare a great player to a sport. Hence, Tiger Woods is the Babe Ruth of Golf. His name is used to imply great size/power.

    Babe Ruth will be remembered the longest of any player the game produced. He will be universally remembered as the most important player who ever played baseball.

    Since the 1970's, Babe has been widely recognized as the game's best/greatest player. It is by no means unanimous, but his consensus of support cuts across all categories, and may never be reversed. On Baseball Fever, Babe's support has consistently polled about 58%, with the remaining support divided among Cobb, Mays, Wagner and others.

    So, I tip my hat to Babe Ruth, one of the greatest/best players the game ever produced. Here's to YOU, BABE RUTH!

    May I ask no one to post their own photos here. Please, NO BABE RUTH PHOTOS. And oh, by the way, I'm going to raid all the other Babe photo threads, starting with my own.
    If you enjoy this photo gallery, you might also like our other ones, too.

    Historical, Archival Photographs---Pre-1900---Negro L.---Vintage Panoramic Pictures---Members' Gallery---Runningshoes Presents: Photo Op---Meet The Sports Writers

    Photos of the following individual players---Hank Aaron---Pete Alexander---Ty Cobb---Eddie Collins---Sam Crawford---Jimmy Foxx---Lou Gehrig---Rickey Henderson---Rogers Hornsby---Joe Jackson---Walter Johnson---Nap Lajoie---Connie Mack---John McGraw---Mickey Mantle---Christy Mathewson---Willie Mays---Mel Ott---Babe Ruth---George Sisler---Tris Speaker---Pie Traynor---Rube Waddell--- Honus Wagner---Ted Williams---Zack Wheat---Rare Ty Cobb ---Rare Babe Ruth---Bill's Babe Ruth---Rare Ted Williams---Bill's Rare Finds ---Babefan's Fantastic Vintage Baseball photos---GaryL's Boston Public Library Baseball Photo Project

    We also have some very nice, attractive team photo collections---New York Yankees---New York Giants---Detroit Tigers---Pittsburgh Pirates---Brooklyn Dodgers


    Posing with young kid.There is something about this photo that moves me greatly.

    Goodness! I've never seen such rare and extravagant Babe photos. I would've never thought the Elvis of baseball had secret treasures like these!

    As usual, great work Bill Burgess, lots of great pics. I always get a kick out of any pic of the two greats on the same field, Tyrus and Babe. What I wouldn't give to have sat in on a game with these two greats facing off, electricity in the air.
    The sly fox and the bear going at it.

    I have always regretted that those 2 weren't allowed to grow old managing against each other. Would have added so much more to the game. What a waste. At least Honus was allowed to grow old coaching. They at least earned and deserved that much.

    Just went back and again read that eulogy you wrote Bill and again I say great work. Also that eulogy followed up with some other words on Babe and a great number of fine pictures, from you.

    As you know August 16, 2008 marked the 60th year of his passing and a memorial mass is planned.
    I got an invite to a mass for the Babe that will take place where the original mass took place St. Patrick's on Saturday September 6, 2008 at 5:00 PM.

    Closing, you do your usual when taking on a project, some great work on this one just like all your other work.

    Bill, I want to personally thank you for for your postings. You can't imagine what delight I get from them. I, along with many others, owe you a debt of gratitude that we simply can't repay. Again, many thanks for all the Ruth material and all the rest of those great photographs.

    Bill, thanks for the best of the best. I simply can't get enough of this stuff, especially those photos of the Babe when young. I just read that Joe Sewell told a story about scoring two times from second base on sacrifice flies by Ruth. In the same game! Sewell: "That's how far he hit 'em."

    Thank you so much, Badge714. I am committed to finding the best photos I can find and bringing them to you. This is my passion. I love that you appreciate them as much as me.

    Everyone has abit of a different taste when it comes to photos. I happen to personally like the photos to blend so it is hard to tell what was touched up and what wasnt. I think your efforts are amazing and I think you hit the mark on several of them. There are a few that are abit strong for the image which causes you to only see the face before you see anything else. I know that will change with time & practise. One thing is for sure. You are getting better at it so keep going. "X number of times thru equals certainty". You will be teaching me how to do this in the very near future.

    Great, great pictures.

    Just one phrase comes to mind when looking at Ruth's swing "Wha-bam".
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    Babe Ruth, Yankees' OF, April, 1923, Yankee S.------1920-21, Polo Grounds

    "Too bad about Ruth. If he had remained a pitcher, he might have lasted a long time and become famous."
    Tris Speaker, Ruth's team mate in 1915, on hearing the news in January, 1920, that the Yankees had acquired Babe and planned to use him full time as an OFer.
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      Babe Ruth, Yankees' OF, Polo Grounds, 1920---BB Reference (
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        Babe Ruth, Red Sox, 1918

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          ----------------------------------------1918 --------------------------------------------------------------------------1921




          -------------------Old Orioles Park, 1931------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1932 World Series.
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            Babe Ruth, Red Sox, OF/P, 1918,----BB-Reference------------------------------------------------------------------------Babe Ruth, Yankees' RF, 1926


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              August, 1928 (incoming pitch is under the 'W".)

              October 6, 1926 World Series. He's just hit his 3rd HR at Sportsman's Park, St. Louis.

              June, 1915

              ----------------------------------------July, 1929

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                October 13, 1921: New York: In the Yankee clubhouse at the
                Polo Grounds this afternoon, George Herman "Babe" Ruth was crowned
                the "King of Swat," Miller Huggins placing the silver crown valued at $600
                on "Babe's" worthy brow. "King Ruth" is the inscription on the crown. The
                crown stands more than one foot in height, its lower rim that fits over Ruth's
                forehead is studded with a row of 49 engraved miniature baseballs.------------------------------1931

                Opening Day, April 16, 1935, Braves Field, Boston. Babe about to hit his 1st HR as a Boston Brave, agaist Carl Hubbell, of the NY Giants.

                ---Babe Ruth-------------------------------------------------------Babe Ruth, Yankee OF, 1920-21
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                  And now for something just a little bit different. Here a little perk for all of you. A little Valentine.
                  Just thought I'd list as many Babe books as I could. You/Joe might want to archive this, and try to compile all the Babe books ever written. Just a cool little project. And this list should get you started. There must be at least 150-200. In fact, if you use the search engine, I once did list over 50. But since you asked . . .
                  1. The Life that Ruth Built: A Biography, by Marshal Smelser, 1975, 592pp, isbn#0812905407;
                  2. Babe: the Legend Comes to Life, by Robert Creamer, 1974, 443pp isbn#067180393X
                  3. The Babe Book: A Life in Pictures by Lawrence Ritter/Mark Rucker, 1988, 282pp, isbn#089919768X;
                  4. Babe Ruth: His Life and Legend, by Kal Wagenheim, 1974
                  5. The Babe and I, by Mrs. Babe Ruth, 1959
                  6. My Dad, The Babe; Growing Up with an American Hero, by Dorothy Ruth Pirone (w/Chris Martens), 1988, 250pp, isbn#1557700311
                  7. Babe Ruth, The Big Moments of the Big Fellow, by Tom Meany, 1951
                  8. Babe Ruth: The Real Story of the King of Swat, by Tom Meany, 1948
                  9. Babe Ruth, by Art Berke, 1989, isbn#0531104729
                  10. Babe Ruth: His Life and Legend, by George Beim, 1974
                  11. Babe Ruth: a Daughter's Portrait, by Julia Ruth Stevens, by (Donald Hall, 1998?), (George Beim, 1992?), 192pp, isbn#0878339957
                  12. Babe Ruth: Major League Dad - A Daughter's Cherished Memories, by Julia Ruth Stevens, with Bill Gilbert, 2001, 160pp, isbn#1892049279
                  13. Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseball, by Ford Frick, 1928
                  14. Babe Ruth: Baseball Boy, One of Baseball's Greatest, (#77 Childhood Of Famouse Americans Series) by Guernsey Van Riper, Jr., 1983, 192pp, isbn#0672527545;
                  15. The Story of Babe Ruth: Baseball's Greatest Legend, by Lisa Eisenberg, 1990, 107pp, isbn#0440402743;
                  16. Babe Ruth, by Wayne Stewart, 2006
                  17. Babe Ruth; His Story in Baseball, by Lee Allen, 1966
                  18. Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox, by Allan Wood, 2000, 436pp, isbn#0595148263
                  19. 1918: Babe Ruth and the World Champion Boston Red Sox, by James Haskins
                  20. Babe Ruth, by William R. Sanford, Carl R. Green, 1992, 48pp, isbn#0896867412
                  21. Babe Ruth: Home Run Hero, Keith Brandt, 1986, 48pp, isbn#0816705534;
                  22. The Real Babe Ruth, by Dan Daniel, 1948
                  23. The Year Babe Ruth Hit 104 Home Runs, by Bill Jenkinson, 2007
                  24. Babe Ruth: Legends In Sport, by Glenn Stout and Matt Christopher, 2005, 91 pp.
                  25. Babe Ruth, by Martin Weldon, 1948
                  26. Babe Ruth: Launching the Legend by Jim Reisler, 2004, 288pp, isbn#0071432442
                  27. Mighty Babe Ruth (32 pages), by Syd Hoff, 1979
                  28. Babe Ruth (American Legends Series), by Don McLeese, Timothy Noakes, 2002, 24pp, isbn#1589523040
                  29. Babe Ruth's Incredible Records and the 44 Players Who Broke Them, by John A. Mercurio, 1993, isbn#1561712213
                  30. The Babe Ruth Story, by Bob Considine, 1948
                  31. Babe Ruth, by Ray Bains, 1985, 32pp isbn#081670144X;
                  32. Babe Ruth: People of Destiny, by Kenneth Richards, 1967 (A Humanities Series, by Children's Press, Chicago, IL)
                  33. Babe Ruth, Sultan of Swat (Baseball Legends series), by Charles Spain Verral, 1993
                  34. Babe Ruth in Florida, by Kevin McCarthy, 2002 216pp, isbn#074141225X
                  35. Babe Ruth: Sultan of Swat, by Lois Nicholson, 1998, 119pp, isbn#0962542717
                  36. The Bambino Visits Cuba 1920. (Unedited Notes Regarding The Visit Of Babe Ruth To Cuba In 1920), by Yuyo Ruiz
                  37. The Babe In Red Stockings: An In-Depth Chronicle of Babe Ruth With The Boston Red Sox, 1914-1919, by Kerry Keene, 1997, 250pp isbn#1571671129
                  38. The Big Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth, by Leigh Montville, 2006
                  39. Babe Ruth, Baseballs Legends; Norman L. Macht, 1991
                  40. Babe Ruth: A Biography, by Wayne Stewart, 2006
                  41. Home Run: The Story of Babe Ruth, by Robert Burleigh, 1998, 32pp, isbn#0152009701;
                  42. The Babe Book: Baseball's Greatest Legend Remembered by Ernestine Miller, 2000, 176pp, isbn#0740710125
                  43. Young Babe Ruth: His Early Life and Baseball Career, from the Memoirs of a Xaverian Brother, by Brother Gilbert, 1999, 220pp, isbn#0786406526
                  44. Babe Ruth: (Collector's Book # 1 in the Classic Sports Shots series), by Bruce Weber, 1993, isbn#0590470183
                  45. Babe Ruth (31 pages), by Richard Rambeck, 1993, (Publisher: Childs World)
                  46. Babe Ruth: His Life and Times, by Paul Adomites and Saul Wisnia, 1995
                  47. Babe: The Sports Careers Of George Ruth, Hahn Photographs, 1981
                  48. Babe Ruth: (Champion Sports series), by James Duplacey, 2001
                  49. Babe Ruth (Illustraded Lives Series) by Heroes of America
                  50. The Babe: The Game That Ruth Built, by Lawrence Ritter, 1997 304pp isbn#0965694909
                  51. The Babe Chases 60: That Fabulous 1927 Season, Home Run by Home Run, by John Robertson, 1998, 176pp, isbn#0786405031
                  Well, at this moment, this is the list that is available on

                  Normally, they have a lot more. But if 48 are listed as available at this moment, you can imagine how many are not available until tomorrow
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                    ---------------------Babe Ruth
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                      Arkansas spring training---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Red Sox

                      Muddy Ruel/Babe Ruth. He was safe, 1927.

                      October 10, 1923, Polo Grounds, exhibition playing with Giants. Yes, you are seeing right. Babe in a Giants' uniform.
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                        Jack Dempsey/Babe Ruth: Ansonia Hotel, NYC, 1927----------------------------------------------Babe Ruth/Frank Baker: 1921

                        1916: L-R: Babe Ruth, Bill Carrigan (Mgr.), Jack Barry, Vean Gregg.

                        1921, Polo Grounds.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Johnny Vander Meer, June 16, 1938, after his 2nd no-hitter.

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                          1942: Publicity shot for the movie, Pride of the Yankees.

                          1947: With Benson Ford, discussing his involvement with the film, The Babe Ruth Story, with William Bendix, who later found fame in TV sitcom, The Life of Riley.

                          Lou Gehrig/Babe Ruth: July 4, 1939, Lou Gehrig Day, Yankee Stadium.
                          The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth. With that hug, Babe ended their 5 year 'feud'.

                          April 17, 1929 5AM; Church of St. Gregory the Great, NYC; Wedding Day to Claire Hodgson.
                          L-R: George Lovell (witness), Groom Babe, Bride Claire, Mrs. Lovell (witness), Father William Hughes.

                          With his Cadillac. Babe was always a clothes horse. Wife Claire saw to that. Probably the 1930's.
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                            May 28, 1924: Babe Ruth on General John J. Pershing's 1924 visit to Washington, DC, to report as a new recruit for the National Guard.
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                              Another little perk for Babe's fans. I collect quotes and here on some on Babe's fielding. Enjoy!
                              Historical Quotes of Babe Ruth's Fielding:

                              Ban Johnson (AL Pres., 1901-27) Cincinnati sports writer, 1887-93, President Western League (minor league)

                              1929 - And then I thought of Cobb, Speaker and Ruth and I discarded all others. These men represent the pick of all-time in any man's league. You simply can't escape them. Cobb is unexcelled - unequaled I should have said. The greatest runner, the greatest hitter and the most powerful attacking force the game ever knew, - In addition a great fielder in his prime. And as to Ruth, well, he is still with us and going at his best. Many believe Ruth just a slugger and a home run showman. That is not the truth. Ruth is a great player as well as a great hitter. He is a splendid fielder and a good base runner for his size. He is a better thrower than Cobb was, and Ty was good in his earlier days. He has the baseball instinct, as shown by the fact that he has played first base and has pitched, and at each position he has been successful to a high degree. In my opinion, Ruth is not outshone by the other two outfielders named. He is one of the greatest players that ever lived, in my opinion. (Sporting News, March 14, 1929, pp. 5, column 2)

                              George Sisler (AL 1B, Man., 1915-28)(NL 1B, 1928-30)

                              1931 - "He is really a great outfielder, one of the greatest. He plays batters correctly, covers a lot more ground than you'd think he'd be able to do with his bulk, and has one of the deadliest throwing arms ever known. Besides, Babe has an accurate baseball judgment and never throws to the wrong base." (Baseball Magazine, April, 193l, pp. 484, "The Greatest Players I Ever Saw, Comprising an interview, by George Sisler, pp. 484-485)

                              Shirley Povich (Washington sports writer, 1922-74)

                              1959 - "As a defensive outfielder he was top-hole despite his great bulk, and his throwing arm was one of the most feared." (Baseball Digest, March, 1959, Washington Post, pp. 42, 43)

                              Christy Mathewson (NL pitcher, 1900-16)
                              Cincinnati manager (1916-17), Giants' coach (1919-20), Reds Pres. (1923-25)

                              1924 - "Most enthusiasts think of Ruth only as a mighty batsman. As a matter of fact, he is a very finished outfielder with a marvelous throwing arm. . . Ruth plays a hard-hit ball as well as any outfielder in the business. He goes after a ground ball like an infielder, and for all his size he is a smart and daring base runner. (Collier's, The National Weekly, October 11, 1924, pp.45)

                              Ed Rumill (Christian Science Monitor sports writer (1930-72)

                              1947 - "Few modern fans may realize it, but Babe Ruth was a great outfielder. We mean defensively. The Babe rarely dropped a ball he got his glove on and nobody can remember when he threw to the wrong base. How did he get that way? Not by sitting around, watching other outfielders practice." (Baseball Magazine, September, 1947)

                              Joe Wood AL pitcher & OF (1908-22)

                              1975 - ". . .Ruth?. . . But he wasn't just a great pitcher and a great hitter, he was a great outfielder. His throws were very accurate and he made long throws. He was a good ballplayer. Great ballplayer. (Baseball Research Journal,1987, #16, pp. 54) (This was a reproduced 1975 interview by Mark Alvarez)

                              Hugh Fullerton (Chicago sports writer, 1893-1930's)

                              1936 - "By common consent, Ruth was the hardest hitter of history; a fine fielder, if not a finished one; an inspired base runner, seeming to do the right thing without thinking. He had the most perfect co-ordination of any human animal I ever knew.

                              John B. Foster NY sports writer (1888-1941)
                              Editor-in-Chief of the Official Spalding Base Ball Guide (1908-41)
                              NY Giants business manager / secretary (1912-1919)

                              1938 - "Ruth could make marvelous catches of fly balls that were as spectacular in their cleverness as made by any outfielder playing ball. Especially was this true of those long high flies which, to a slower man, it would have been impossible to get under." (Spalding Official Baseball Guide, 1938, put out in early 1938)

                              Tris Speaker (AL OF & Man., 1907-28)

                              1928 - "I have been asked my opinion of great outfielders I have known. By outfielders I mean solely the ability to play the position quite apart from batting or base running talent. I will say, without hesitation, that Babe Ruth is one of the half dozen greatest outfielders I ever saw.

                              This is aside from his slugging ability, which is unrivaled, and his base running ability which is much greater than is commonly supposed. Purely as an outfielder, Babe will rank among the game's greatest. He was not always so.
                              When he first shifted from the pitching slab to the outfield, he did not seem to take his work seriously. His thoughts were mainly devoted to his batting. No doubt they still are. But for all that, Babe has become a great outfielder. He covers a lot of ground, primarily because he plays the batter correctly. He has a sure pair of hands, a wonderful throwing arm and he always knows exactly what to do with the ball when he gets it. (Baseball Magazine, October, 1928)


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