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  • Lou Gehrig Photo File

    Here we go with some photos of Lou Gehrig. Hope you like them. First photo is Tom Yawkey, Umpire George Moriarity and Lou at a baseball movie premire, 1936. Second Lou makes a speech.
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    Are others allowed to post Lou photos here?


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      Sure thing. Sorry i didn't add anything else, but yes other people can. Had a house full of kids yesterday. Fun time. Please, be my guest.


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        Lou Gehrig, Yankees' 1B, Yankee Stadium, September 23, 1936---BB Ref

        Lou Gehrig video

        Lou Gehrig, October 5, 1937--------------------------- ----1927 Yankee S, -------------------------------------same shot, a moment later

        Source: One Hundred Years: New York Yankees: The Official Retrospective, edited by Mark Vancil / Mark Mandrake, 202, pp. 52.

        ----------Lou Gehrig, Yankees' 1B, 1927-30, Yankee S.

        Source: Right: The Story of the World Series, by Frederick G. Lieb, 1949/1965, pp. 150.

        ----------------------1925-30,-------------------------------------1939, Yankee Stadium

        ------------[B]It Was the Best of Times
        Lou Gehrig / Hank Greenberg, 1935 Yankee Stadium---Lou Gehrig video

        Source: Left: The History of Baseball: Its Great Players, Teams and Managers, edited by Allison Danzig/Joe Reichler, 1959, pp. 82.

        ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It Was the Worst of Times.
        -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lou Hangs them up. 1939 Yankee S. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Peering Dimly into a murky crystal ball. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When Lou benched himself, he was still -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------35 yrs. old. Got sick when 33 (1937).


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          October 8, 1937: Following World Series Win:
          L-R: Joe McCarthy, (Mgr.), Jake Ruppert (owner), Lou Gehrig, Tony Lazzeri. Bottom: Joe DiMaggio.

          1927-30: Lou & his Mom, Christina Gehrig.

          Source: Top, Left: One Hundred Years: New York Yankees: The Official Retrospective, ed. by Mark Vancil/Mark Mandrake, 2002, pp. 202.
          Source: Middle, Right: Baseball: 100 Years of The Modern Era, 1901-2000: From The Archives of The Sporting News, 2001, pp. 113.
          Source: Bottom: Baseball's Golden Age: The Photographs of Charles M. Conlon, by Neal McCabe/Constance McCabe, 1993, pp. 178.

          --------------------------------------September 18, 1931.----------------------------------------------------same shot, uncropped---Lou Gehrig video

          Source: Bottom, Left: Baseball's Golden Age: The Photographs of Charles M. Conlon, by Neal/Constance McCabe, 1993, pp. 178.

          ------------------------------------1934------------------------------------------------September 18, 1931

          ---------1922 Eastern League Champions.


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            Lou Gehrig, exhibition game, Brooklyn 1927.

            Lou Gehrig Day at the 1939 NY World's Fair, August 9, 1939. -------------------------------------------------------------July 8, 1927.

            Mother Christina, Lou, wife Eleanor, Father Henry.-----------------------------------------------1939




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              1939: Lefty Gomez, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx.

              August 8, 1935: Lou Gehrig/Blondy Ryan


              --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Joe DiMaggio/NYC Mayor Fiorello La Guardia/Lou Gehrig: 1936-38


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                  Lou Gehrig Photo File Two shots of Lou and wife, Eleanor. And Lou at Comedian Joe E. Brown. With Lou is dixie Dunbar and actor/fan Pat O'Brien.
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                    Wanted to add, Lou was a guest of Joe E. Brown at his house.


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                      Lou Gehrig at the plate

                      Great thread!
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                        Lou and Eleanor: A Baseball Love Story:

                        Eleanor G. Twitchell: Born: March 6, 1904, Chicago, IL
                        Died: March 6, 1984, New York, NY, age 80
                        Married Lou: September 29, 1933.

                        Lou Gehrig / fiancee Eleanor Twitchell: Comiskey Park: June 19, 1933, Comiskey Park

                        January 6, 1934: Lou Gehrig and Wife Wearing Hawaiian Leis
                        Mr. and Mrs. Lou Gehrig smile their greetings to Hawaii in return for the floral lei with which they were greeted upon their arrival there, while en route to Japan where Lou is touring with the American League All-Star Baseball Team.

                        February 1, 1935: Mr. and Mrs. Lou Gehrig Sitting With Sports Writer
                        Lou Gehrig, big shot in American baseball, accompanied by Mrs. Gehrig, are pictured in their Paris hotel. Gehrig was returning home in easy stages after his tour of Japan with the All Star Baseball team. With them is the well-known sports writer, "Sparrow" Robertson.

                        February 13, 1935: Mr. and Mrs. Lou Gehrig Posing While Traveling
                        Lou Gehrig, slugging first baseman of the New York Yankees, and his bride, are pictured as they returned to New York from England on the S. S. Berengaria. They completed a world tour, starting in Japan soon after the World series. Gehrig told interviewers that he had not seen his Yankee contract for 1935, but that he would ask for a salary of $35,000, since he believed he would take the place of babe Ruth as far as batting was concerned.

                        Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Returning from Vacation
                        Lou Gehrig with his wife photographed shortly after their arrival in New York after their arrival in New York after a world tour. The Yankee first baseman says that he expects to have no trouble concerning his 1935 salary but reports have it that Gehrig will attempt to put a dent in Colonel Rupperts bankroll.

                        April 20, 1937: Lou Gehrig with Wife Opening Day at Yankee Stadium (All shots in this post, Corbis)

                        November 12, 1939: Lou Gehrig Sitting with Wife at Typewriter
                        "Iron Man" Lou Gehrig, idol of millions of baseball fans, is shown preparing ground work for his new job as member of the three-man municipal parole commission. His wife is taking down notes prepared after wading through more than 30 volumes and leaflets on criminology and parole. He will be officially sworn in on Monday. Mayor LaGuardia, who appointed Gehrig to the post, is counting on his influence with wayward youth on setting them along the straight and narrow.

                        November 10, 1954: Blanche McGraw (John McGraw's widow), Mrs. Lou Gehrig, unidentified.

                        July 27, 1957: Mrs. Lou Gehrig And Mrs. Babe Ruth - New York, NY:
                        Mrs. Lou Gehrig (L) and Mrs. Babe Ruth, widows of two of the New York Yankees' all-time greats, are shown as they appeared at old timers' day at Yankee Stadium today.

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                          Lou and Eleanor: A baseball Love Story. Courting at the ballpark, Chicago. Probably at the 1932 World Series at Wrigley Field.

                          1942: Bill Dickey, Mrs. Eleanor Gehrig, Christy Walsh, Joe McCarthy. Probably after Lou died.

                          Eleanor, the new bride. October, 1933.


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                            Lou Gehrig/Babe Ruth: July 4, 1939, Lou Gehrig Day, Yankee Stadium.
                            The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth. With that hug, Babe ended their 5 year 'feud'.

                            July 4, 1939: Lou Gehrig Day, The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth.


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                              Lou Gehrig Photo File

                              Another shot of Lou and wife, and Postmaster General James Farley meets Lou.
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