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1904-1905 New York Giants

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  • 1904-1905 New York Giants

    1904 New York Giants; 106-47, .693, 1st Place, 13 g ahead
    Leading hitters: Bill Dahlen (80 RBI, 47 stolen bases), Sam Mertes (78 RBI, 47 stolen bases)
    Leading pitchers: Joe McGinnity (35-8, 1.61 ERA, 144 Ks), Christy Mathewson (33-12, 2.03 ERA, 212 Ks), Dummy Taylor (21-15, 2.34 ERA, 138 Ks)

    1905 New York Giants; 105-48, .686, 1st Place, 9 g ahead
    Leading hitters: Sam Mertes (108 RBI, 52 stolen bases), Mike Donlin (.356, 124 runs scored, 59 stolen bases)
    Leading pitchers: Christy Mathewson (31-9, 1.28 ERA, 206 Ks), Joe McGinnity (21-15, 2.87 ERA, 125 Ks), Red Ames (22-8, 2.74 ERA, 198 Ks)

    For two seasons the Giants dominated the National League. They famously refused to consider playing in a post-season series against the American League champion in 1904, probably in an attempt to deny legitimacy to the New York Highlanders, who were in a tight pennant race with Boston and played their home games a short distance from the Polo Grounds. The two leagues agreed to play an annual World Series beginning with the 1905 post-season, and that year the Giants crushed the Philadelphia Athletics 4 games to 1, with each game a shutout by the winning pitcher (Mathewson had three). The Giants were then derailed by the Cubs' juggernaut (and also by the Pirates in one season), failing to win another pennant until the first of three straight in 1911, though they claimed to have been robbed of their rightful championship in 1908 by the league president, who ruled that a game with the Cubs had ended in a tie rather than a Giants' victory when a rookie baserunner had been ruled out at second after an apparently clean game-winning single to the outfield.

    A fabulous series of team photos, restored by Bill Burgess, is in the thread entitled The New York Giants: Baseball's 1st Dynasty. See page 1, #2 for the photos of the 1904 and 1905 teams.
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    1904 New York Giants team composite photo

    1904 composite.jpg


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      1905 New York Giants team composite photo

      1905 composite.jpg


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        1905 Polo Grounds regular season game vs. Pittsburg

        1905 Polo Grounds reg season vs Pittsburg.jpg


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          1905 New York Giants scorecard

          1905 scorecard.jpg


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            1905 Polo Grounds World Series game vs. Philadelphia

            1905 WS Polo Grounds from OF.jpg


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              1905 World Series program

              1905 WS Program cover.jpg


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                Manager John McGraw

                McGraw 1904.jpgMcGraw at 3B 1905.jpgMcGraw with bat 1905.jpg
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                  Manager John McGraw (Charles Conlan photo)

                  McGraw Conlin.jpg


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                    Pitcher Christy Mathewson

                    Mathewson full 1905.jpg Mathewson 1904-1905.jpg Mathewson 1902-1904.jpg
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                      Pitcher "Iron Man" Joe McGinnity

                      McGinnity 1904.jpg
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                        Pitcher Luther "Dummy" Taylor

                        Taylor 1903.jpgTaylor 1905.jpg


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                          Pitchers Red Ames (left) and Claude Elliott (right)
                          Ames 1903.jpg Elliott 1905.jpg

                          Pitcher Hooks Wiltse

                          Wiltse 1905.jpg
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                            Center Fielder (1904) / Catcher (1905) Roger Bresnahan

                            Bresnahan with bat 1905.jpg Bresnahan 1904.jpg Bresnahan Horner.jpg
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                              Catchers (and backup First Basemen)

                              Frank Bowerman
                              Bowerman 1903.jpg Bowerman 1905.jpg

                              Boileryard Clarke (left) and Jack Warner (right)

                              Clarke 1905.jpg NL NY Warner.jpg
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