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1891-1899 Washington Senators

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    1895 Washington CF Charlie Abbey (left) and RF Bill Hassamaer (right)
    1895 Charlie Abbey sweater.jpg 1895 Bill Hassamaer sweater.jpg

    1895 RF/P/2B Jake Boyd (left) and Pitcher John Malarkey (right)
    1895 Jake Boyd sweater.jpg 1895 John Malarkey sweater.jpg

    1895 Washington player Herman Collins (did not appear in a game)
    1895 Collins sweater DNP.jpg
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      1895 Washington Catchers Deacon McGuire (left) and Dan Mahoney (right)
      1895 Deacon McGuire sweater.jpg 1895 Dan Mahoney sweater.jpg


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        1895 Washington 2B Jack Crooks
        1895 Jack Crooks with bat.jpg


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          1895 Washington Catcher Dan Coogan*
          1895 Dan Coogan with mask.jpg

          *Coogan actually played more games at shortstop for the Senators in 1895.


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            1896 Washington Senators, 58-73, 9th place (out of 12)

            1896 NL Washington formal composite.jpg


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              1892 Washington Nationals, 58-93, 10th place out of 12, 44.5 GB, managed by Billie Barnie (0-2), Arthur Irwin (46-60), and Danny Richardson (12-31)

              Top Row (L-R): Frank Killen (P), Hank Gastright (P), Jocko Milligan (C/1B), Billie Barnie (Mgr.), Deacon McGuire (C), Charley (?) Farrell (DNP*), Patsy Donovan (LF/RF).
              Middle Row (L-R): Phil Knell (P), Paul Radford (3B/LF), Hardy Richardson (LF), Frank Foreman (P), Matt Kilroy (P), John Dolan (P), Danny Richardson (SS/2B).
              Bottom Row (L-R): Tommy Dowd (2B), Dummy Hoy (CF), Charlie Duffee (LF/RF).

              *Nobody named Farrell played for Washington until 1893, when Charley (Duke) Farrell was traded to the team in exchange for Frank Killen. This appears to be Duke Farrell; possibly he was dealt to Washington prior to the 1892 season in a trade that was cancelled. This photo was published in the October 5th, 1924, edition of the Washington Sunday Star.

              1892 NL Washington (Washington Sunday Star 10-5-24).jpg

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                Here's the 1896 Washington team. I've had this one in my personal collection for awhile, but never realized it wasn't featured in the Spalding or Reach Guides.



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                  Originally posted by RUKen View Post
                  The Senators of the 1890's played their first season in the American Association in 1891, finishing last in a 9-team league. The AA merged with the National League prior to the 1892 season, and Washington was one of four teams from the 1891 AA that continued to play in the enlarged NL. (Several other teams had previously moved from the AA to the NL.) The Senators had a losing record each year, with their best finish in 1897 at 61-71 for 6th place. After the 1899 season, they were eliminated from the National League as the NL contracted from 12 to 8 teams.

                  I've established this thread to post photos and newspaper portraits (line drawings) of the 1890's Senators.
                  Vintage! Amazing!


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                    Originally posted by cinemaodyssey View Post
                    Here's the 1896 Washington team. I've had this one in my personal collection for awhile, but never realized it wasn't featured in the Spalding or Reach Guides.
                    1896 Washington Senators, 58-73, 9th place, 33 GB

                    Top Row (L-R): Jake Boyd (P), Win Mercer (P), Silver King (P), James (Doc) McJames (P), Tom Brown (CF), Ed Cartwright (1B).
                    Middle Row (L-R): Charley Abbey (RF), Pat McCauley (C), Al (Kip) Selbach (LF), John Malarkey (P), Deacon McGuire (C), Billy Lush (RF), Bill Joyce (3B).
                    Bottom Row (L-R): Les German (P), Gene DeMontreville (SS), Al Maul (P).
                    IDs are by Cinemaodyssey, RUKen, and UKBaseballFan.

                    1896 NL Washington.jpg
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                      Capt. Tom Brown, Washington Times, April 17, 1898

                      Tom Brown's major league career had begun in 1882. He played for nine different teams in the American Association, the Players' League, and the National League, and had been an outfielder for Washington since signing as a free agent in August 1895. He served as the team manager for the start of the 1898 season, and led the team to a 12-26 record before being replaced by Jack Doyle. Brown's major league playing career also came to an end, as he had hit just .164 in 16 games.

                      1898 Tom Brown Washington Times 4-17-98.jpg


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                        That's great that there were so many pictures of 19th century baseball teams! I'll look into the championships that happened back then; it'd be interesting to know whether the "leading" teams were the same as today, or if there were other constant champions.


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