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1883-1900 New York Gothams/Giants

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    Win Mercer, Pitcher/Infielder/Right Fielder, 1900
    This photo is currently available at Hunt Auctions.

    NL NY Mercer 1900.jpg


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      Silver King, Pitcher, 1892-93
      This photo is currently available at Hunt Auctions, but misidentified as Pop Schriver. (BMarlowe provided the correct ID on another forum.)

      Pop Schriver.jpg
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        Opening Day, 1890, at the New York Ballparks
        The Illustrated American, May 10, 1890

        1890 New York ballparks.jpg

        1890 New York opening day 1.jpg

        1890 New York opening day 2.jpg


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          Grupo de jugadores de los clubs Brooklyn y New York
          Group of players of the clubs Brooklyn and New York
          Photo from the January 6th, 1901, edition of El Score, a Havana publication, during the visit of major league players from the Dodgers and Giants (and a few extras) to Cuba

          The photo caption does not include identifications, so this is my attempt at IDs based on who is known to have gone on the trip:
          Top Row (L-R): possibly Jesse Tannehill, Willie Keeler, possibly Bill Dahlen, William (Pop) Schriver, possibly Jimmy (Doc) Casey, Hugh Jennings, Jimmy Callahan.
          Second Row (L-R): Jimmy Sheckard, John (Shad) Barry.
          Third Row (L-R): Possibly Bill Donovan (Brooklyn uniform), Jack Doyle (dark sweater), Win Mercer (New York uniform), Tom Daly (Brooklyn uniform, far right).
          Fourth Row (L-R): Tommy Simpson (Manager of the tour, wearing a suit), possibly Frank Bowerman.
          Fifth Row (L-R): George Davis, Kid Gleason.
          Bottom Row (L-R): Mike Grady, Charlie Hickman.
          Others on the tour were Harry Howell, Elmer Foster, Cy Seymour, and Tom O'Brien. I am certain that O'Brien is not in the photo, because he became seriously ill on the cruise south to Cuba and did not play at all; he died before the following season began.

          NYG and Bro Cuba El Score 1-6-01 enhanced.jpg

          For reference, I have attached below a composite illustration of the New York Giants who were on the tour:
          1900 NL New York partial composite.png


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            Mike Sullivan, Pitcher, 1891, 1896-97

            Mike Sullivan 1897.jpg


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              George Van Haltren, CF, 1894-1903

              Van Haltren studio.jpg


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                1896 or 1897 New York Giants
                This spread from Colliers Weekly was posted at by Andrew Aronstein.

                Top Row (L-R): Amos Rusie (P) [first 5 images], George Van Haltren (CF).
                Middle Row (L-R): George Davis (SS/3B), Parke Wilson (C/1B), Jack Warner (C), Mike Sullivan (P), Mike Tiernan (RF/LF).
                Botton Row (L-R): Jouett Meekin (P), Cy Seymour (P) [images 2-5], Bill Joyce (3B/Mgr.).

                1896-97 New York Giants.jpg


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                  Pitcher Cy Seymour, 1899

                  Seymour pitching.jpg


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                    1897 New York Giants
                    The following images are among 15 photographs currently available at Hunt Auctions, showing the New York Giants in spring training before the 1897 season.

                    Pitcher Jouett Meekin (2 images)
                    1897 Jouett Meekin 1 P.jpg
                    1897 Jouett Meekin 2 P.jpg

                    3B/Mgr. Bill Joyce and RF Mike Tiernan
                    1897 Bill Joyce 3BMgr and Mike Tiernan RF.jpg

                    Utility player Charlie Gettig and SS George Davis
                    1897 Charlie Gettig UT and George Davis SS.jpg
                    2B Kid Gleason and possibly 1B Willie Clark
                    1897 Kid Gleason 2B and possibly Willie Clark 1B.jpg


                    • 1897 New York Giants team procession at spring training
                      Image currently available at Hunt Auctions

                      1897 Procession.jpg


                      • Great photos! Anytime Kid Gleason is mentioned, I mentally picture the actor from Eight Men Out (& the Fraser tv show)


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