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1883-1900 New York Gothams/Giants

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    Win Mercer, Pitcher/Infielder/Right Fielder, 1900
    This photo is currently available at Hunt Auctions.

    NL NY Mercer 1900.jpg


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      Silver King, Pitcher, 1892-93
      This photo is currently available at Hunt Auctions, but misidentified as Pop Schriver. (BMarlowe provided the correct ID on another forum.)

      Pop Schriver.jpg
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        Opening Day, 1890, at the New York Ballparks
        The Illustrated American, May 10, 1890

        1890 New York ballparks.jpg

        1890 New York opening day 1.jpg

        1890 New York opening day 2.jpg


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          Grupo de jugadores de los clubs Brooklyn y New York
          Group of players of the clubs Brooklyn and New York
          Photo from the January 6th, 1901, edition of El Score, a Havana publication, during the visit of major league players from the Dodgers and Giants (and a few extras) to Cuba

          The photo caption does not include identifications, so this is my attempt at IDs based on who is known to have gone on the trip:
          Top Row (L-R): possibly Jesse Tannehill, Willie Keeler, possibly Bill Dahlen, William (Pop) Schriver, possibly Jimmy (Doc) Casey, Hugh Jennings, Jimmy Callahan.
          Second Row (L-R): Jimmy Sheckard, John (Shad) Barry.
          Third Row (L-R): Possibly Bill Donovan (Brooklyn uniform), Jack Doyle (dark sweater), Win Mercer (New York uniform), Tom Daly (Brooklyn uniform, far right).
          Fourth Row (L-R): Tommy Simpson (Manager of the tour, wearing a suit), possibly Frank Bowerman.
          Fifth Row (L-R): George Davis, Kid Gleason.
          Bottom Row (L-R): Mike Grady, Charlie Hickman.
          Others on the tour were Harry Howell, Elmer Foster, Cy Seymour, and Tom O'Brien. I am certain that O'Brien is not in the photo, because he became seriously ill on the cruise south to Cuba and did not play at all; he died before the following season began.

          NYG and Bro Cuba El Score 1-6-01 enhanced.jpg

          For reference, I have attached below a composite illustration of the New York Giants who were on the tour:
          1900 NL New York partial composite.png


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