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1883-1900 New York Gothams/Giants

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  • 1883-1900 New York Gothams/Giants

    The Giants began as the second baseball club founded by millionaire tobacconist John B. Day and veteran amateur baseball player Jim Mutrie. The Gothams, as the Giants were originally known, entered the National League in 1883, while their other club, the Metropolitans (the original Mets) played in the American Association. Nearly half of the original Gotham players were members of the disbanded Troy Trojans, whose place in the National League the Gothams inherited. While the Metropolitans were initially the more successful club, Day and Mutrie began moving star players to the Gothams and the team won its first National League pennant in 1888, as well as a victory over the St. Louis Browns in an early incarnation of the World Series. They repeated as champions the next year with a pennant and World Series victory over the Brooklyn Bridegrooms.

    It is said that after one particularly satisfying victory over the Philadelphia Phillies, Mutrie (who was also the team's manager) stormed into the dressing room and exclaimed, "My big fellows! My giants!" From then on, the club was known as the Giants.

    The Giants' original home stadium, the Polo Grounds, also dates from this early era. It was originally located north of Central Park adjacent to Fifth and Sixth Avenues and 110th and 112th Streets, in Harlem in upper Manhattan. After their eviction from that first incarnation of the Polo Grounds after the 1888 season, they moved further uptown to various fields they also named the Polo Grounds located between 155th and 159th Streets in Harlem and Washington Heights, playing in the Washington Heights Polo Grounds until the end of the 1957 season, when they moved to San Francisco.

    The Giants were a powerhouse in the late 1880s, winning their first two National League Pennants and World Championships in 1888 & 1889. But nearly all of the Giants' stars jumped to the upstart Players' League, whose New York franchise was also named the Giants, in 1890. The new team even built a stadium next door to the Polo Grounds. With a decimated roster, the NL Giants finished a distant sixth. Attendance took a nosedive, and the financial strain affected Day's tobacco business as well. The Players' League dissolved after the season, and Day sold a minority interest in his NL Giants to the defunct PL Giants' principal backer, Edward Talcott. As a condition of the sale, Day had to fire Mutrie as manager. Although the Giants rebounded to third in 1891, Day was forced to sell a controlling interest to Talcott at the end of the season.

    Four years later, Talcott sold the Giants to Andrew Freedman, a real estate developer with ties to the Tammany Hall political machine running New York City. Freedman was one of the most detested owners in baseball history, getting into heated disputes with other owners, writers and his own players, most famously with star pitcher Amos Rusie, author of the first Giants no-hitter. When Freedman offered Rusie only $2,500 for 1896, the disgruntled hurler sat out the entire season. Attendance fell off throughout the league without Rusie, prompting the other owners to chip in $50,000 to get him to return for 1897. Freedman hired former owner Day as manager for part of 1899. He was succeeded by Fred Hoey for the remainder of the season. Hoey was replaced by former player Buck Ewing in 1900, who was then fired during that season and replaced by shortstop George Davis.

    (The above description, except for the last two sentences, is from Wikipedia.)

    Additional photo threads for the New York Giants on Baseball Fever may be found at:

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    1883 New York Gothams, 46-50, .479, 6th place (out of 8), 16 games behind
    Top Row (L-R): Buck Ewing (C), Frank Hankinson (3B), Mike Dorgan (RF), John Ward (CF/P).
    Middle Row (L-R): Patrick Gillespie (CF), Tip O’Neill (P), John Clapp (C), Ed Caskin (SS), Roger Connor (1B).
    Front Row (L-R): Mickey Welch (P) and Dasher Troy (2B).
    IDs by BMarlowe.

    1883 NL New York.jpg

    1883 NL New York 3.jpg

    1883 NL New York 2.jpg
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      1884 New York Gothams, 62-50, .554, 4th place (out of 8), 22 games behind

      Player Identifications for photo below provided courtesy of bmarlowe.
      Top Row, L-R: Monte Ward (CF/2B/P), Alex McKinnon (1B), Frank Hankinson (3B), Roger Connor (2B), unidentified, unidentified, Patrick Gillespie (LF), Mike Dorgan (RF/P), Buck Ewing (C).
      Bottom Row, L-R: Danny Richardson (OF/SS), Mickey Welch (P), unidentified, unidentified (possibly John Humphries-C).
      1884 NL New York.jpg
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        1885 New York Giants, 85-27, .759, 2nd place (out of 8), 2 games behind

        Outer circle, clockwise from top left: Tim Keefe (P), Jim Mutrie (Mgr.), Pat Deasley (C), Mickey Welch (P), Larry Corcoran (P), Mike Dorgan (RF), John M. Ward (SS), Dude Esterbrook (3B), Pat Gillespie (LF), Danny Richardson (OF/3B/P). Inner circle, from top left: Jim O’Rourke (CF), Buck Ewing (C), Roger Connor (1B), Joe Gerhardt (2B).
        1885 NL New York composite.jpg
        Composite is from the collection of Nigel Ayres

        1886 New York Giants, 75-44, .630, 3rd place (out of 8), 12.5 games behind

        Standing (L-R): Mike Dorgan (RF), Roger Connor (1B), Tim Keefe (P), Pat Gillespie (LF), Jim Devlin (P).
        Sitting (L-R): Buck Ewing (C), Jim O’Rourke (CF), Danny Richardson (OF/IF/P), John M. Ward (SS), Dude Esterbrook (3B), Jim Mutrie (Mgr.), Gene Bagley? (C/RF), Mickey Welch (P), Pat Deasley (C/OF).
        IDs from Bmarlowe.

        1885 NL New York.jpg

        1886 NL New York 3.jpg
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          1886 New York Giants, continued

          New York Giants and Boston Red Stockings on Opening Day at the Polo Grounds
          Top Row (L-R): Old Hoss Radbourn (Bos P), Sam Wise (Bos 1B), Con Daily (Bos C), Buck Ewing (NY C), Roger Connor (NY 1B), Mike Dorgan (NY RF), Pat Gillespie (NY LF), Jim O’Rourke (NY CF), Dude Esterbrook (NY 3B).
          Middle Row (L-R): Tom Poorman (Bos RF), Billy Nash (Bos 3B), Ezra Sutton (Bos IF/OF), John Morrill (Bos SS), Jim Mutrie (NY Mgr.), John Ward (NY SS), Joe Gerhardt (NY 2B), Tim Keefe (NY P), Pat Deasley (NY C), Danny Richardson (NY CF/LF).
          Front Row (L-R): Joe Hornung (Bos LF), D Johnston (Bos CF), W. Curry (Umpire), Mickey Welch (NY P), Larry Corcoran (NY RF), Unidentified.
          Identifications by BMarlowe, from the website Threads of Our Game.
          1886 NL Boston & New York.jpg

          1886 NL New York.jpg

          1886 NY Giants and Mets.jpg

          The Polo Grounds
          1886 Polo Grounds large.jpg

          1886 Polo Grounds 2.jpg
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            1887 New York Giants, 68-55, .553, 4th place (out of 8), 10.5 games behind

            (No team photo yet)

            The Polo Grounds
            1887 Polo Grounds.jpg


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              1888 New York Giants, 84-47, .641, 1st place (out of 8)

              1888 NL New York 1.jpg

              1888 NL New York 1a.jpg

              Top Row (L-R): Art Whitney (3B), Mike Tiernan (RF), unknown, Roger Connor (1B), Jim Mutrie (Mgr.), Buck Ewing (C), Pat Murphy (C), Tim Keefe (P).
              Bottom Row (L-R): John Ward (SS), Mickey Welch (P), Danny Richardson (2B), Bill George (P), Gil Hatfield (3B/SS), Jim O'Rourke (LF), Ed Crane (P). IDs by BMarlowe.
              1888 NL New York 3.jpg

              1888 NL New York Giants and Colts.jpg
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                1888 New York Giants post-season photos (after winning the World Series against the St. Louis Browns)

                Top Row, L-R: Danny Richardson (2B), George Gore (CF), Ledell Titcomb (P), Elmer Foster (OF), Roger Connor (1B), Mike Slattery (OF), Mickey Welch (P), Buck Ewing (C), William Brown (C), Tim Keefe (P).
                Bottom Row, L-R: Bill George (OF), Gilbert Hatfield (SS), Arthur Whitney (3B), James O'Rourke (LF), James Mutrie (Mgr.), Mike Tierman (RF), Pat Murphy (C), John M. Ward (SS), Ed Crane (P).


                (This is not a post-season photo. It had originally been posted on this thread as an 1890 image, but it is definitely 1888.)
                Top Row (L-R): Elmer Cleveland (3B), Pat Murphy (C), Mike Slattery (CF), George Gore (CF), Elmer Foster (OF).
                Middle Row (L-R): George Hatfield (SS), Jim Mutrie (Mgr.), Mike Tiernan (RF).
                Front Row (L-R): Ledell Titcomb (P) and Ed Crane (P).

                The Polo Grounds
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                  1889 New York Giants, 83-43, .659, 1st place (out of 8)


                  Top Row (L-R): George Gore (CF), Elmer Foster (CF), Mike Slattery (OF), Buck Ewing (C), William Brown (C), Bill George (OF), Gil Hatfield (SS), Jim O'Rourke (LF), Mike Tiernan (RF), Ed Crane (P).
                  Bottom Row (L-R): Danny Richardson (2B), Ledell Titcomb (P), Roger Connor (1B), Mickey Welch (P), Jim Mutrie (Mgr.), Art Whitney (3B), Tim Keefe (P), Pat Murphy (C), John M. Ward (SS).
                  1889 NL NY improved.jpg

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                    1890 New York (NL) Giants, 63-68, .481, 6th place (out of 8), 24 games behind

                    Mike Tiernan and Mickey Welch were the only two players who had been regulars on the 1889 champions that remained on the 1890 NL Giants.
                    1890 NL New York.jpg
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                      1890 New York (PL) Giants, 74-57, .565, 3rd place (out of 8), 8 games behind

                      Most of the 1889 NL Giants, except for Mike Tiernan and Mickey Welch, played for the Players' League Giants in 1890.
                      1890 PL New York SL.jpg

                      1890 PL New York.jpg

                      Opening Day of the PL Giants at the Polo Grounds
                      1890 Polo Grounds PL Opening Day.jpg
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                        1891 New York Giants, 71-61, .538, 3rd place (out of 8), 13 games behind

                        Top Row (L-R): Tim Keefe (P), John Ewing (P), Roger Connor (1B), Buck Ewing (2B/C), Jim Mutrie (Mgr.), Amos Rusie (P), Jerry Denny (3B), Mike Tiernan (RF).
                        Bottom Row (L-R): Jack Glasscock (SS), Mickey Welch (P), Danny Richardson (2B), mascot, Jack Sharrott (P), Dick Buckley (C), Charley Bassett (3B), Jim O-Rourke (LF), George Gore (CF). IDs by RUKen and Craig Brown.



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                          1892 New York Giants, 71-80, .470, 8th place (out of 12), 31.5 games behind

                          Top Row, L-R: Silver King (P), Jack Boyle (C), Charlie Bassett (2B/3B), Amos Rusie (P), Pat Powers (Mgr.), Buck Ewing (1B/C), Ed Crane (P), Mike Tiernan (RF), George Gore (CF), Jim O'Rourke (LF/1B/C).
                          Bottom Row, L-R: Danny Murphy (C), Jocko Fields (RF/C), Denny Lyons (3B), mascot, Shorty Fuller (SS), Mickey Welch (P), Jack Sharrott (OF/P).
                          1892 NL New York.jpg

                          1892 NL New York color.jpg

                          1892 opening day.jpg
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                            1893 New York Giants, 68-64, .515, 5th place (out of 12), 19.5 games behind

                            (No team photo yet)

                            The Polo Grounds (Sam Thompson of Philadelphia is rounding first base)
                            1890s Polo Grounds Phi vs NY Sam Thompson rounding first.jpg


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                              1894 New York Giants, 88-44, .667, 2nd place (out of 12), 3 games behind

                              Top Row, L-R: Parke Wilson (C/1B), Duke Farrell (C), George Van Haltren (CF), Roger Connor (1B), Jouett Meekin (P), Huyler Westervelt (P), Amos Rusie (P).
                              Bottom Row, L-R: Dad Clarke (P), Lee German (P), Jack Doyle (1B), Monte Ward (2B/Mgr.), Mike Tiernan (R), George Davis (3B), Shorty Fuller (SS), Eddie Burke (LF).
                              Reclining in Front: General Stafford (3B/RF), Yale Murphy (SS/RF).
                              1894 NL New York Sp 2.jpg

                              1894 NL New York.jpg

                              1894 NL New York composite.jpg
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