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The Federal League of 1914 and 1915

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  • The Federal League of 1914 and 1915

    The Federal League of Base Ball Clubs, known simply as the Federal League, was an American professional baseball league that operated as a "third major league", in competition with the established National and American Leagues, from 1914 to 1915. The Federal League came together in early 1913 through the work of John T. Powers, and immediately challenged the operations of organized baseball. Playing in what detractors called the "outlaw" league allowed players to avoid the restrictions of the organized leagues' reserve clause. The competition of another, better-paying league caused players' salaries to skyrocket, demonstrating the bargaining potential of free agency for the first time.

    Interference by the National and American Leagues in their operations caused the Federal League to fold after the 1915 season. This resulted in a landmark federal lawsuit, Federal Baseball Club v. National League, in which the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately ruled that the Sherman Antitrust Act did not apply to Major League Baseball. The Federal League left its mark on baseball history in the field now known as Wrigley Field, which was originally built for the Chicago Whales Federal League team. The league itself and many sports writers considered it a major league during its existence; organized baseball recognized its major league status in 1968. It would be the last independent major league outside the established structure of professional baseball to actually make it to the playing field, and would be the last serious attempt to create a third major league until the abortive Continental League of 1960.

    In 1912, baseball promoter John T. Powers formed an independent professional league known as the Columbian League. However, the withdrawal of one of the organization's primary investors caused the league to fail before ever playing a game. Undaunted, Powers tried again the following year, creating a new league with teams in Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Covington, Kentucky. He named the organization the Federal League, and served as its first president.

    Because it did not abide by the National Agreement on player payment in place in organized baseball, the Federal League was called an "outlaw league" by its competitors. The Federal League's outlaw status allowed it to recruit players from established clubs, and it attracted many current and former players from the major as well as minor leagues. In its first season Powers initially served as president, but he was soon replaced by James A. Gilmore, under whose leadership the league declared itself a major league for the 1914 season. Other financers of the League included oil baron Harry F. Sinclair, ice magnate Phil Ball, and George S. Ward of the Ward Baking Company.

    As a major circuit, the Federal League consisted of eight teams each season. Four of the teams were placed in established Big League cities (Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Brooklyn). The other four teams were placed in more marginal areas (Baltimore, Buffalo, Indianapolis and Kansas City). In the first year, 1914, some of the teams had official nicknames and some did not, but either way, sportswriters were inclined to invent their own nicknames: "ChiFeds", "BrookFeds", etc. By the second season, most of the teams had "official" nicknames, although many writers still called many of the teams "-Feds".

    In order for the Federal League to succeed, it needed Big League players. Walter Johnson signed a three year contract with the Chicago team, but the Senators' Clark Griffith went personally to Johnson's home in Kansas and made a successful counter-offer. Major League players that jumped to the Federal League included Bill McKechnie, Claude Hendrix, Jack Quinn, Russell Ford, Tom Seaton, Doc Crandall, Al Bridwell, Hy Myers, and Hal Chase. The Federal League also recruited Big League names to manage the new teams. Joe Tinker managed the Chicago team, Mordecai Brown managed the St. Louis team and Bill Bradley managed the Brooklyn team.

    The league had close pennant races both years. In 1914, Indianapolis beat out Chicago by 1½ games. 1915 witnessed the tightest pennant race in Major League history, as five teams fought into the final week of the season. The eventual winner (Chicago) finished 0 (zero) games and .001 percentage point ahead of second place, and a half-game and .004 in front of the third place finisher.

    During the 1914-15 offseason, Federal League owners brought an antitrust lawsuit against the American and National Leagues. The lawsuit ended up in the court of Federal Judge (and future Commissioner of Baseball) Kenesaw Mountain Landis, who allowed the case to languish while he urged both sides to negotiate. Swift action might have made a difference, but without the lawsuit going forward, the Federals found themselves in deepening financial straits.

    After the 1915 season the owners of the American and National Leagues bought out half of the owners (Pittsburgh, Newark, Buffalo, and Brooklyn) of the Federal League teams. Two Federal League owners were allowed to buy struggling franchises in the established leagues: Phil Ball, owner of the St. Louis Terriers, was allowed to buy the St. Louis Browns of the AL, and Charles Weeghman, owner of the Chicago Whales, bought the Chicago Cubs. Both owners merged their teams into the established ones. The Kansas City franchise had been declared bankrupt and taken over by the league office after the close of the regular season, and the Baltimore owners rejected the offer made to them. They had sought to buy and move an existing franchise to their city, but were rebuffed, and sued unsuccessfully.

    The description above has been copied from Wikipedia. Additional discussion of the Federal League may be found at the following thread in Baseball Fever: , a thread that also includes some photos of the club owners.

    The purpose of this new thread is to display photographs of the players, managers, and ballparks of the Federal League teams of 1914 and 1915. The teams are organized west-to-east. Photos from 1913, when the Federal League was a minor league, are generally not included here.

    When I've used photos that have been extensively restored and previously posted elsewhere on Baseball Fever by others, I've tried to give credit. I may have overlooked some that deserve attribution; I will add credit and correct any identification mistakes that are brought to my attention. Comments and additional photos are welcome.
    1914-1915 Baseball.jpg
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    1) Introduction
    2) Index
    3) Umpires (group) / Umpire Bill Brennan

    Kansas City photos
    4) 1914 team (no photo yet)
    5) 1915 team – 5 photos
    6) Gordon and Koppel Field – 4 photos
    7) Mgr. George Stovall – 3 photos (1 Conlan)
    8) P Gene Packard / George Hogan / Chief Johnson - 2 photos

    St. Louis photos
    9) 1914 team – 2 photos
    10) 1915 team – 2 photos
    11) 1915 team composite / Mgr. Fielder Jones - 2 photos
    12) Souvenir pup
    13) Mgr./P Mordecai Brown – 4 photos
    14) Mgr. Fielder Jones - 5 photos
    15) 1B Hughie Miller / 2B John Misse / 3BSS Al Bridwell – 2 photos
    16) 3B Charlie Deal / OF Delos Drake - 2 photos / Ward Miller / Jack Tobin (illustration)
    17) C Harry Chapman / O’Neill (DNP) / Mike Simon
    18) P Ed Willett / Henry Keupper / Doc Crandall / P Mordecai Brown + 1B Hugh Miller + P Doc Crandall
    19) P Eddie Plank – 2 photos

    Chicago photos
    20) 1914 team - 4 photos
    21) 1915 team - 3 photos
    22) Weeghman Park – 6 photos
    23) Scorecard / Pennant /
    24) Batting practice / Mgr./SS Joe Tinker in 1914 road uniform / Tinker cheering 1914 / Tinker at batting practice 1914
    25) Mgr./SS Joe Tinker – 5 photos
    26) 1B Fred Beck / Joe Weiss
    27) 2B John Farrell – 3 photos
    28) SS Jim Stanley / Jimmy Smith / Leo Kavanaugh / Mickey Doolin
    29) 3B Rollie Zeider – 5 photos
    30) OF Al Wickland / Austin Walsh / Bill Jackson / Dutch Zwilling-Les Mann-Max Flack
    31) OF Les Mann / Max Flack / Dutch Zwilling-3
    32) C Art Wilson - 2 photos / Bill Fischer / Wilson-Fischer / Clem Clemens
    33) C Clem Clemens / OF Flack-Mann-Zwilling / P Hendrix-McConnell-Bailey-Brown
    34) P Bill Bailey / Claude Hendrix / Rankin Johnson – 2 photos / Mike Prendergast
    35) P Mordecai Brown – 2 photos / Pitching Staff

    Indianapolis photos
    36) 1914 team – 2 photos / Federal Park opening day
    37) Award – 2 photos
    38) Mgr. Bill Phillips – 4 photos (1 with 2B Frank LaPorte)
    39) 1B Biddy Dolan / Charlie Carr
    40) SS Jimmy Esmond – 2 photos / 2B Carl Vandagrift
    41) 3B Bill McKechnie + P Cy Falkenberg / McKechnie / McKechnie scoring / McKechnie fielding
    42) C Bill Rariden - 2 photos / George Textor - 2 photos / C George Textor + C Bill Rariden
    43) OF Al Kaiser / Al Scheer / Vin Campbell – 2 photos
    44) OF Benny Kauff – 2 photos + Kauff/Roush
    45) OF Edd Roush + Roush/Scheer/Kauff/Whitehouse
    46) P George Kaiserling / Harry Billiard / George Mullin - 2 photos / Earl Moseley

    Pittsburgh photos
    47) 1914 team – 2 photos
    48) 1915 team - 3 photos
    49) Exposition Park – 2 photos
    50) 1915 Opening Day
    51) Mgr./OF Rebel Oakes + OF Mike Menosky // Oakes + Konetchy
    52) 1B Ed Konetchy / 1915 infield
    53) 3B Ed Lennox / Mike Mowrey
    54) OF Ralph Mattis
    55) C Paddy O’Connor
    56) P Clint Rogge – 2 photos

    Buffalo photos
    57) 1914 team - 2 photos + Buffalo Courier page with Spring Training photos
    58) 1915 team – 5 photos
    59) 1915 composite + Opening Day photos
    60) Program / pennant / song
    61) Mgr./2B Larry Schlafly
    62) 1B Hal Chase – 2 photos / C Walter Blair – 2 photos / P Earl Moore
    63) 2B/SS Baldy Louden / OF Charlie Hanford / Hanford + 1B Joe Agler / P Joe Houser / OF Artie Hofman
    64) P Al Schulz / Earl Moore / Gene Krapp / Harry Moran - 2 photos
    65) 1915 Spring Training clippings – 5 photos
    66) 3B Harry Lord / 3B Clyde Engel / Harry Lord, Benny Meyer, Art Watson / Buffeds Expected to Land in the Big Leagues (after Federal League collapse)

    Baltimore photos
    67) 1914 team - 2 photos
    68) 1915 team
    69) 1914 schedule
    70) Terrapin Park postcard
    71) 1914 Terrapin Park opening day - 3 photos
    72) 1914 ceremony w Indianapolis – 2 photos
    73) 1914 player parade
    74) 1915 Terrapin Park opening day
    75) 1915 Terrapin opening day – 4 photos
    76) Mgr./2B Otto Knabe – 4 photos
    77) Baltimore Baserunner sliding into third
    78) 1B Harry Swacina - 2 photos
    79) SS Mickey Doolin – 4 photos
    80) 3B Jimmy Walsh - 2 photos
    81) OF Benny Meyer – 2 photos / OF Guy Zinn
    82) OF Vern Duncan / OF Meyer-Swacina-3B Enos Kirkpatrick / OF Jack McCandless
    83) C Fred Jacklitsch - 2 photos / Harvey Russell
    84) P Ducky Yount / Bill Bailey / Frank Smith – 2 photos
    85) P Kaiser Wilhelm / Jack Ridgway / John Allen / George Suggs
    86) P Chief Bender – 4 photos

    Newark photos
    87) 1915 team - 2 photos
    88) Scorecard
    89) Ballpark sketch
    90) Opening Day – 3 photos
    91) Harrison Field – 3 photos
    92) C Bill Rariden – 2 photos
    93) Mgr./3B Bill McKechnie – 2 photos
    94) OF Edd Roush - 3 photos
    95) RF Gil Whitehouse / P Charlie Whitehouse – 2 photos / P Earl Moseley / P Cy Falkenberg

    Brooklyn photos
    96) 1914 team – 2 photos
    97) 1915 team – 4 photos
    98) Washington Park
    99) Scorecard
    100) 1914 opening day w Mgr. Bill Bradley - 3 photos
    101) 1914 composite and 1915 spring training composite
    102) 1914 Hearts and Diamonds movie w John Bunny – 2 photos
    103) 1915 opening day – 4 photos
    104) 1915 opening day – 2 photos (Magee and Schlafly)
    105) 1915 first pitch
    106) 1915 opening day hitter and catcher / sliding player
    107) Mgr./2B Lee Magee – 4 photos
    108) 1B Art Griggs – 3 photos / Hap Myers
    109) 2B Jim Delahanty / Manager John Ganzel
    110) 2B Artie Hofman – 5 photos
    111) SS Ed Gagnier - 2 photos / Al Halt / Mgr./Pinch Hitter Bill Bradley (2 photos)
    112) 3B Tex Westerzil – 4 photos
    113) OF Al Shaw - 2 photos / George Anderson - 2 photos / Steve Evans
    114) OF Danny Murphy – 4 photos
    115) OF Claude Cooper – 3 photos
    116) OF Benny Kauff – 5 photos
    117) 1B Myers + 2B Magee + OF Kauff + OF Evans / OF Anderson + Kauff
    118) C Art Watson / P Grover Land / P Ed Lafitte / P Bill Upham
    119) P Bill Chappelle / Ed Lafitte / Cy Falkenberg / Happy Finneran / Fin Wilson / SS Milton Reed
    120) P Herold Juul / Jim Bluejacket – 3 photos / Don Marion
    121) P Tom Seaton - 5 photos

    Old Timers
    122) 1937/1946 Joe Tinker – 2 photos
    123) 1941 Hal Chase – 2 photos
    124) 1943 George Stovall
    125) 1962 Edd Roush and Bill McKechnie HOF

    Comments and Additional Photos
    126) St. Louis C Mike Simon (contributed by Dto7; copied by RUKen to post #17)
    127) Response to #126 by RUKen
    128) St. Louis P/Mgr Mordecai Brown with Chicago SS/Mgr Joe Tinker (1914)
    129) Baltimore Terrapins - Suggs/Bender/Jacklitsch/McCandless
    130) Baltimore Terrapins - Knabe (with Buffalo Schlafly)/Walsh/Swacina
    131) 1914 Chicago alternate team photo (also added to post #20)
    132) Indianapolis Hoosiers C George Textor (also added to post #42)
    133) Brooklyn OF Kauff (also post #116) / Chicago OF Zwilling (also post #31) / Chicago C Wilson (also Post #32)
    134) Brooklyn OF Danny Murphy (also post #114) / Brooklyn P Jim Bluejacket (also post #120)
    135) Indianapolis 3B Bill McKechnie (also post #41)
    136) Newark team photo (also post #87) and Brooklyn 1914 Opening Day photo (also post #100)
    137) Comment on the inexplicable absence of a canine mascot in the St. Louis Terrier photos
    138) ChiFeds at St. Louis cemetery in New Orleans, spring 1914
    139) Brooklyn Tip-Tops 1915 spring training photos and mention of additional photos in Tip-Tops section
    140) Brooklyn pitcher Ed Lafitte closeup
    141) Baltimore Terrapins, 1914, in spring training before they had received their Terrapin uniforms
    142) The real Charlie Whitehouse of the Newark Peppers, and also Earl Moseley
    143) Benny Kauff, batting in his Brooklyn home uniform
    144) Kansas City Gordon and Koppel Field exterior, 1915 Packers panoramic photo (2 sections)
    145) Portrait of Kansas City pitcher Chief Johnson
    146) Brooklyn Manager/Pinch Hitter Bill Bradley
    147) 1914 Brooklyn Feds team photo (improved image for post #96)
    148) St. Louis OF Delos Drake
    149) Buffalo Pitcher Harry Moran (home uniform)
    150) Former Newark Pepper Infielder Germany Schaefer in a 1916 newspaper clipping wearing an indeterminate uniform (contributed by Dto7)
    151) Response to #150 by RUKen
    152) Baltimore OF Guy Zinn (also post #81)
    153) Newark Pitcher Cy Falkenberg (also post #95)
    154) Chicago Pitcher Mike Prendergast (also post #34)
    155) 1914 Chicago Chi-Feds (spring training, wearing 1913 uniforms, with Joe Tinker in the center) (also post #20)
    156) Chicago Mgr./SS Joe Tinker in the 1914 Chi-Fed road uniform (also post #24)
    157) St. Louis OF Jack Tobin (St. Louis Globe color supplement) (also post #16)
    158) Buffalo Pitcher Joe Houser (also post #63)
    159) St. Louis Mgr. Fielder Jones (also post #11)
    160) 1914 Buffalo Buffeds in their home uniforms (also post #57)
    161) Indianapolis Catchers George Textor and Bill Rariden (also post #42) / St. Louis P/Mgr. Mordecai Brown, 1B Hugh Miller, and P Doc Crandall (also post #18)
    162) 1914 Buffalo spring training (also post #57)
    163) Buffalo Pitcher Earl Moore (also post #62)
    164) 1915 Buffalo Opening Day (also post #59)
    165) Chicago 3B Rollie Zeider swinging a bat in his 1914 home uniform (also post #29)
    166) 1915 Kansas City Packers panoramic photo (also post #5)
    167) 1914 Chicago Opening Day ad (also post #20)
    168) 1914 Baltimore Opening Day (also post #71)
    169) 1915 Chicago Whales in spring training (also post #21)
    170) Newark OF Edd Roush (also post #94)
    171) Chicago Mgr. Joe Tinker (also post #24)
    172) Chicago 2B John Farrell (also post #27), 3B Rollie Zeider (also post #29), C Clem Clemens (also post #33)
    173) Duplicate post (#172) to bump thread
    174) Brooklyn Pitcher Don Marion (also post #120)
    175) Question about the existence of a Jack Quinn photo
    176) Response to the question (none of him in a Terrapin uniform have been found yet, except team pictures)
    177) Image of Quinn in a Baltimore uniform taken from a group photo
    178) 1915 Buffalo Blues (road uniform) team photo
    179) Brooklyn Pitcher Bill Upham (also post #118)
    180) Baltimore Pitcher Bill Bailey (also post #84)
    181) Post from a reader with a trivia question relevant to the Federal League
    182) Brooklyn OF Al Shaw (also post #113) / Brooklyn 1B Art Griggs (also post #108) / Baltimore SS Mickey Doolin (also post #79) / Indianapolis Mgr. Bill Phillips and 2B Frank LaPorte (also post #38)
    183) Indianapolis Pitcher George Mullin (also post #46)
    184) Brooklyn Manager John Ganzel
    185) Buffalo players - 1915
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      Federal League umpires

      Umpires.jpgUmpire Bill Brennan.jpg
      Left photo, standing left to right: A. M. Mannassau, Ollie Anderson, and Steve Kane.
      Left photo, sitting left to right: Steve Cusack, Barry McCormick, and Bill Brennan.
      Bill Brennan is the individual in the photo on the right. He was the chief of the Federal League umpiring staff.
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        1914 Kansas City Packers, 67-84-3, .444, 6th place, 20 GB, managed by George Stovall

        I have not yet found a group photograph of this team. (A photo available at auction in April, 2014, originally labeled as the 1914 Kansas City Packers, was subsequently determined to be the American Association Kansas City Blues of 1908; the auction listing was corrected.)
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          1915 Kansas City Packers, 81-72-0, .529, 4th place, 5.5 GB, managed by George Stovall

          Top Row (L-R): Drummond Brown (C), Al Shaw (CF), George Stovall (1B/Mgr.), Alex Main (P), Dwight Stone* (P), Ben Harris (P), George Perring (3B), Grover Gilmore (RF)
          Middle Row (L-R): Pep Goodwin (2B), Johnny Rawlings (SS), Dan Adams (P), Art Kruger (LF), Pete Henning (P), Jack Enzenroth (C)
          Bottom Row (L-R): Nick Cullop (P), Gene Packard (P), Duke Kenworth (2B), Chet Chadbourne (CF), Bill Bradley (3B), Ted Easterly (C)
          *Stone had played for the Packers in 1914, but did not appear in a game with them in 1915.
          1915 FL Kansas City.jpg
          1915 FL Kansas City 2.jpg

          Left to Right: Pete Henning (P), Charlie Blackburn (P), Johnny Rawlings (SS), Nick Cullop (P), Ted Easterly (C), Dan Adams (P), Ben Harris (P), Pep Goodwin (SS/2B), Bill Bradley (3B), George Stovall (1B/Mgr.).
          packers team 1.jpg

          Left to Right: Jack Enzenroth (C), Grover Gilmore (RF), George Perring (3B), Chet Chadbourne (CF), Duke Kenworthy (2B), Art Kruger (LF/RF), Gene Packard (P), Drummond Brown (C), Al Shaw (LF), Alex Main (P), Chief Johnson (P).
          packers team 2.jpg

          1915 FL Kansas City uncut.jpg
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            Gordon and Koppel Field, Kansas City


            Kansas City Gordon and Koppel Field.jpg

            Kansas City Gordon and Koppel Field 2.jpg

            Kansas City Gordon and Koppel Field 3.jpg
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              Kansas City Manager/1B George Stovall

              Kansas City George Stovall Conlon.jpg
              Kansas City George Stovall 1B Mgr.jpgKansas City George Stovall 2.jpg
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                Kansas City Pitchers Gene Packard (left, in a Cincinnati uniform) and George Hogan (right, in a minor league uniform)
                Kansas City P Gene Packard SL.jpg George Hogan 1914 KC FL (minor league uniform).jpg

                Kansas City Pitcher Chief Johnson
                Kansas City P Chief Johnson portrait.jpg Kansas City P Chief Johnson.jpg
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                  1914 St. Louis Terriers, 62-89-3, .411, 8th place, 25 GB, managed by Mordecai Brown and Fielder Jones

                  Top Row (L-R): Harry Chapman (C), Doc Crandall (2B/P), Henry Kuepper (P), Mike Simon (C), Joe Mathes (2B), H. Hartley* (?), Hughie Miller (1B), Bob Groom (P), Buchman* (?)
                  Middle Row (L-R): Mordecal Brown (P/Mgr.), Ward Miller (LF), Fred Kommers (CF), Jack Tobin (RF), Al Bridwell (SS), Grover Hartley (C), Delos Drake (LF)
                  Bottom Row (L-R): Ed Willett (P), Al Boucher (3B), Ernie Herbert (P), Ted Welch (P), O'Neill* (C)
                  *H. Hartley, Buchman, and O’Neill did not appear in any games with the Terriers in 1914.
                  1914 FL St. Louis 2.jpg

                  Top Row (L-R); Jack Tobin (RF), Ted Welch (P), Ward Miller (LF), Joe Mathes (2B), Grover Hartley (C), Mike Simon (C), unknown, Bob Groom (P), H. Hartley* (?), O’Neill* (C)
                  Bottom Row (L-R): Al Boucher (3B), Harry Chapman (C), Doc Crandall (2B/P), Mordecai Brown (P/Mgr.), Hughie Miller (1B), Henry Keupper (P), Delow Drake (LF), Fred Kommers (CF), Al Bridwell (SS)
                  *H. Hartley and O’Neill did not appear in any games with the Terriers in 1914.
                  1914 FL St. Louis.jpg
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                    1915 St. Louis Terriers, 87-67-5, .565, 1st place (tie), managed by Fielder Jones

                    Top Row (L-R): Babe Borton (1B), Doc Watson (P), Grover Hartley (C), Charlie Deal (3B), Ward Miller (LF), Delos Drake (CF), Dave Davenport (P), Doc Crandall (P)
                    Bottom Row (L-R): Harry Chapman (C), Ernie Johnson (SS), Bobby Vaughn (2B), Jack Tobin (RF), Miller (mascot), Fielder Jones (Mgr.), Al Bridwell (2B)
                    1915 FL St. Louis.jpg

                    (L-R): Hughie Miller (1B), Eddie Plank (P), Bob Groom (P), Doc Crandall (P), Grover Hartley (C), Babe Borton (1B), Ernie Herbert (P), Armando Marsans (CF), Al Bridwell (2B), Jack Tobin (RF), Doc Watson (P), Ed Willett (P), Fielder Jones (Mgr.), Harry Chapman (C), Delos Drake (CF), LaRue Kirby (P), Charlie Deal (3B), Dave Davenport (P), Ward Miller (LF), Al Boucher* (3B), Ernie Johnson (SS), Bobby Vaughn (2B)
                    *Boucher did not appear in any games with the Terriers in 1915.
                    1915 FL St. Louis 2.jpg


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                      1915 St. Louis team composite

                      (This had been offered for sale by Huggins and Scott auctions)

                      1915 FL St. Louis 3.jpg

                      1915 Manager Fielder Jones

                      StL Fielder Jones closeup.jpg

                      St. Louis Fielder Jones 2.jpg
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                        St. Louis Terrier Souvenir Pup

                        St. Louis pup souvenir.jpg


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                          St. Louis Manager/Pitcher Mordecai Brown

                          St. Louis PMgr Mordecai Brown w Evers Merkle discussion.jpg
                          St. Louis PMgr Mordecai Brown.jpgSt. Louis PMgr Mordecai Brown in dugout.jpg

                          Manager Brown of St. Louis with Manager Tinker of Chicago
                          St. Louis PMgr Mordecai Brown w Chi SSMgr Joe Tinker.jpg
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                            St. Louis Manager Fielder Jones

                            St. Louis Fielder Jones closeup.jpgSt. Louis Fielder Jones batting practice.jpg

                            St. Louis Fielder Jones in dugout.jpgSt. Louis Fielder Jones Mgr.jpg

                            St. Louis Fielder Jones receiving floral arrangement.jpg
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                              St. Louis 1B Hughie Miller (left) / 2B John Misse (right)
                              St. Louis 1B Hughie Miller.jpgSt. Louis 2B John Misse.jpg

                              St. Louis 3B/SS Al Bridwell

                              St. Louis SS Al Bridwell.jpgSt. Louis SS Al Bridwell 2.jpg
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