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The Federal League of 1914 and 1915

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  • Apparently this "Forgotten League" wasn't totally forgotten. Thanks for archiving this and presenting a nice photographic record of The Federal League. I really do appreciate these photos.

    Federal League Trivia:
    Q. Which pitcher led the Federal League in Wins 1914, but then led the Federal League in Losses in Losses in 1915?
    A. Jack Quinn. He led the FL in Wins in 1914 with 26 Wins (26-14), but then led the FL in Losses the following year with 22 Losses (9-22). That made his combined Federal League record
    35-36. Quinn's total lifetime record was 247-212 for his 25-year major league career. (1909-1933). He holds a bunch of "oldness records". He is the oldest player of all-time for a continuous career (not counting one or two game comebacks years after a player's career had ended). He made his major league debut a short time before his 26th birthday with the New York Yankees, who were then known as the New York Highlanders. Jack Quinn's final major league game (for the Cincinnati Reds) came 5 days after he passed his 50th birthday, Her turned 50 on July 1, 1933 and his final game came on July 6, 1933, one day after the first-ever major league all-star game was played. Quinn also set a record for being the oldest player ever to appear in a World Series game. He was 47 years, 3 months old when he pitched in the 1930 World Series for the Philadelphia Athletics, who would win the title by defeating the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 2. Quinn pitched two innings in Game 3.


    • Just added-- The following photos had been in a recent Love Of The Game auction:

      Indianapolis Mgr. Bill Phillips and 2B Frank LaPorte (larger version in post #38)
      Indianapolis 2B Frank Laporte Mgr. Bill Phillips.jpg

      Baltimore SS Mickey Doolin (larger version in post #79)
      Baltimore SS Doolin seated w bat.jpg

      Brooklyn 1B Art Griggs (larger version in post #108)
      Brooklyn 1B Art Griggs.jpg

      Brooklyn OF Al Shaw (larger version in post #113)
      Brooklyn OF Al Shaw batting.jpg


      • Indianapolis Pitcher George Mullin
        (just added to post #46)

        Indianapolis P George Mullin closeup 1.jpg


        • 1915 Brooklyn Manager John Ganzel
          John Ganzel replaced Lee Magee as manager of the Brooklyn Tip-Tops on August 18th, 1915, and led them to a 17-18 record for the remainder of the season. Pasted below (and also in post #109) is an image from the September 3rd, 1915, edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle showing Ganzel in his Brooklyn uniform. He had been managing the minor leagues since 1909, and had managed the Cincinnati Reds in 1908, when he was also their first baseman.

          Brooklyn Ganzel (2).jpg


          • Buffalo Blues 1915
            The following newspaper clippings have been added to posts #58 (group photos), #63 (Artie Hofman), and #65 (spring training images):

            1915 FL Buffalo in 1914 uniforms at spring training.jpg
            1915 FL Buffalo home uniforms.jpg
            OF Artie Hofman
            FL Buf Hofman.jpg
            FL Buf spring training.jpg


            • Newark Utility Player Germany Schaefer
              Just added to Post #94

              Newark Germany Schaefer.jpg


              • Newark 1B Rupert Mills
                Just added to Post #94. This had been recently posted at by Cusick, who cited the Facebook page of Jay Gauthreaux as the source.
                This is the best image of a player in the Newark home uniform that I have yet seen. Mills had his only major league season in 1915 with Newark, but he is best remembered for his actions in 1916. He declined to accept the $500 contract buyout from the Newark team owner after the Federal League disbanded; in 1916 he was in the second year of a two-year, guaranteed contract worth $3000 per year. Mills had earned a Bachelor of Laws degree at Notre Dame University, and was prepared to go to court to claim his salary. He showed up at Harrison Park (the home field for the Newark team in 1915) to work out for eight hours a day through the first few months of the 1916 baseball season, and began to receive press coverage for his activities. In mid-June, Newark President Pat Powers finally reached a settlement with Mills that was more lucrative than the original $500. Mills went on to serve in the New Jersey State Assembly, and was nominated to run for the office of Sheriff of Essex County in 1929, but died in a boating accident before Election Day.

                Newark Rupert Mills.jpg
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                • Newark Pepper 1915
                  I have inserted numerous newspaper images of players from the Newark team in posts 87, 91, 92, and 93. I will not repost all of them here, but I will include a team composite from the Newark Evening Star at the beginning of the season showing portraits of the players in their road uniforms:

                  1915 FL Newark composite.jpg
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                  • Just added to post #19, an image of St. Louis Terrier pitcher Bob Groom that is currently available at RMY Auctions:

                    St. Louis P Bob Groom warming up.jpg


                    • Pittsburgh Pitcher George LeClair (also added to post #56)
                      This image was posted at another site by Cinemaoddysey. LeClair pitched for the Rebels in 1914 and the first part of the 1915 season.

                      Pittsburgh P George LeClair.jpg


                      • Just added to Post #19, a full-size version of this image of St. Louis 2B Bobby Vaughn that had been available at RMY Auctions a couple of years ago. I had not posted it then because I thought that he was not wearing a Terriers' uniform, but I was mistaken, as I explain below.

                        StL 2B Vaughn.jpg

                        The all-white uniform is not included among the illustrations at the Dressed to the Nines website, but I noticed that the players in the newspaper illustrations in Post #11 were wearing this uniform. I then compared the image in that newspaper page to this photo, and here's what I found:

                        1915 FL St. Louis 5.jpg StL 2B Vaughn - Copy.jpg

                        I think that's pretty conclusive.

                        I also came across, and posted in #19, this newspaper image of SS Ernie Johnson from the same team:

                        StL SS Johnson.jpeg


                        • Originally posted by RUKen View Post
                          1914 Baltimore pitcher Bill Bailey
                          Just added to post #84; recently posted on another site by Dto7.
                          Image from the Baltimore Sun.

                          AL Bal P Bailey.jpg
                          I believe Mr. Bailey could've survived a fall from great height.


                          • 1915 Pittsburgh Pitching Staff (also added to post #56, fullsize)
                            Pit 1915 pitching staff.jpg


                            • St. Louis P/2B Doc Crandall
                              Image from a supplement of the St. Louis Globe, also in post #18.

                              St. Louis P2B Doc Crandall batting.jpg


                              • 1914 Brooklyn Tip-Tops at Washington Park (just added to post #96)--IDs are needed.

                                1914 FL Brooklyn at Washington Park.jpg


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