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1882-1900 St. Louis Browns/Perfectos

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    Sportsman's Park, home of the St. Louis Browns 1882-1892

    AA StL Sportsmans Park.jpg

    Here is a look at the park as a backdrop for the 1884 team:

    1884 AA St. Louis in uniform.jpg


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      Dewey McDougal, Pitcher, 1895-1896
      This photo is currently available at Hunt Auctions.

      Dewey McDougal 1895-96.jpg


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        Buttermilk Tommy Dowd, Outfielder/Second Baseman, 1893-1898
        This photo is currently available at Hunt Auctions.

        Dowd Tommy.jpg


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          Silver King, Pitcher, 1887-1889
          This photo is currently available at Hunt Auctions.

          King Silver 3.jpg


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            Great stuff, RUKen! Really enjoy looking at all of these old photos from putting faces to the names of these old players to the changing uniforms and hairstyles/facial hair.


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              1888 St. Louis Browns, 92-43-2, .681, 1st place out of 8, managed by Charlie Comiskey

              A photograph of the team in street clothes taken by the same studio as "The Famous World Beaters" image shown in post #8

              Top Row, L-R: Jocko Milligan (C), Jack Boyle (C), mascot, Tip O'Neill (LF), Silver King (P).
              Middle Row, L-R: Tom Dolan (C), Bill White (SS), Tommy McCarthy (RF), Charles Comiskey (1B/Mgr.), Arlie Latham (3B), Harry Lyons (CF), Nat Hudson (P).
              Bottom Row, L-R: Jim Devlin (P), Ice Box Chamberlain (P), Yank Robinson (2B), Joe Herr (SS).

              1888 AL St. Louis formal.jpg


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                I'm doing a biography about Tip O'Neill for SABR. I don't accept Tip's average of .435 in 1887. His official average was either .492 or .495 according to the official rules of the day. Revisionists used box scores from various newspapers since the official score sheets were no longer extant. His figure of .495 was compiled by AA Secretary Wheeler C. Wikoff and pubished in The Sporting News. The Reach Guide's profile of O'Neill gives his average as .495, but under the Guide's batting record list, his average is recorded as .492 on 277 hits with the at-bat totals not given. Daguerreotypes records 563 at-bats and a .492 average.


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                  Here's a higher resolution image of the 1899 Perfectos.

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                    1898 St. Louis Browns
                    Photo of players at the ballpark pavilion from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, April 15th, 1898 (one day before the destruction of the pavilion by fire).
                    Some identifications are given below the image.

                    1898 NL St. Louis w numbers.png
                    1) Unknown
                    2) Jake Stenzel (CF)
                    3) Unknown
                    4) Lou Bierbauer (IF)
                    5) Unknown
                    6) Jack Crooks (2B)
                    7) Unknown
                    8) Jack Sugden (C)
                    9) Tommy Dowd (CF)
                    10) Ducky Holmes (LF/RF)
                    11) Unknown
                    12) Lave Cross (3B)
                    13) Russ Hall (SS)
                    14) Unknown
                    15) Tim Hurst (Mgr.)
                    16) Benjamin Muckenfuss (Secretary)
                    17) George Decker (1B)
                    18) Jim Hughey (P)
                    19) Unknown
                    20) Unknown
                    21) Jack Taylor (P)
                    22) Jack Clements (C)

                    Identifications are by RUKen and Craig Brown ( ). Not identified, but likely to be in the photo, are Dick Harley, Jack Quinn, Willie Sudhoff, and Tommy Tucker.
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                      1898 Kid Carsey (P), Duke Esper (P), and Russ Hall (SS)
                      Illustrations from the May 1, 1898, edition of the St. Louis Post Dispatch

                      Carsey StL Post Dispatch 5-1-1898.jpg Esper StL Post Dispatch 5-1-1898 .jpg Hall StL Post Dispatch 5-1-1898.jpg


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                        1898 3B Lave Cross
                        Cross was transferred to the Cleveland team for the start of the 1899 season, but was then sent back to St. Louis in June. In May of the following year his contract was purchased by the Brooklyn team.

                        Cross (Lave) 1898.jpg


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                          1887 Pitcher Silver King
                          From the Heritage Auctions site, via

                          King 1887.jpg


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                            The 1883 Browns team photo in front of the scoreboard was published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on March 15, 2016 with the caption shown. It was previously published in the Post-Dispatch on October 26, 1931 in connection with the death of Charles Comiskey, with the same player identification except listing Von der Ahe instead of Sullivan.

                            (And apparently I attached it three times... oops!)

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