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  • Favorite Fantasy Baseball Team Name

    Lets have some fun with this and keep it clean. What are your favorite fantasy baseball team names?

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    I can't remember some of the good ones that I've seen, because I've definitely seen some good ones.

    But my one this year is: "Cubs' Bad Century"

    The year before that my teams were "Eli's Slurred Speech"(reference to Manning), "Pete Rose's haircut", & "Big Steroid Head".


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      I play each year as the Urban Shockers. :cap:
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        I use a collection of names.

        Houston Buffaloes
        Amarillo Gold Sox
        Abilene Blue Sox
        Olsen 203's

        I'm also using my screen name as a team name from another message board for a league based out of that board. Hopefully I'm going to add another team for an office league but none of them have said anything.
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          I've recently been.....

          The Size 9 Heads... liked that one

          My favorite was a guy who used to play in my league every year.

          Chico's Bail Bonds

          Bad News Bears Beer.bmp chicos-bail-bonds-shirt.jpg
          "Herman Franks to Sal Yvars to Bobby Thomson. Ralph Branca to Bobby Thomson to Helen Rita... cue Russ Hodges."


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            Lmao, I had a guy with Chico's Bail Bonds in my leauge too. It wasn't by any chance a public Yahoo! league was it?

            I remember seeing a Balco's Bomber's name too. Thought that was decent.


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              Haha, I've played against a Balco's Bombers.
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                The last one I was in, I was the Reykjavik Fjords. That was kinda fun.


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                  The name that they should have been instead of the "Rays"...

                  Tampa Bay Tiburons


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                    My favorite is the only one Ive had win my division, Brothers_of_Destruction. Im actually bringing the name back this year in hopes it will give me my 2nd title. The name is actually a former tag team in WWE consisting of Kane and Undertaker.
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                    Just a note to all the active members of BBF, I consider all of you the smartest baseball people I have ever communicated with and love everyday I am on here. Thank you all!


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                      Some of my former team names:
                      Lincoln Logs
                      Denver Omlettes
                      Philadelphia Cheesesteaks
                      Salt Lake Moonshiners
                      Texarcana Cow-Tippers
                      Boise Couch Potatoes
                      Arizona Cactus-Kissers
                      Brooklyn Goombas (forgetaboutit)


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                        i like the Lincoln Logs....

                        I usually go with the Boston Wicked Awesomes


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                          Dock Ellis D's
                          Insert Clever Pun and Baseball Reference

                          Something I came up with: San Francisco Sliders and Bristol Sound


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                            Everyone in my league named their team Toronto, except for one guy(who is also a Red Sox fan) who named his team the Atlanta 1918s. When I asked him why he picked Atlanta, he said Toronto was "too predictable."


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                              Mine has always been The Mudville Nine. Last season we won our first title since the curse of Ernest Thayer's 1888 poem about a team with the same name.

                              I've played against the Walprton Weasels and The Roid Raiders.
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