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Who hit this foul ball into the dugout blooper?

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  • Who hit this foul ball into the dugout blooper?

    Greetings folks, I am rather new to this site and I could not find an appropriate place to voice this question, so, since it is trivia for me, hopefully someone can help me out.

    In the early 90's, I was watching a baseball blooper video. IN one part of this video, a batter(I totally do not remember names or teams) hit several foul balls into the dugout in the same spot every time.

    After the 3rd or so foul in the same spot, then entire team vacated the dugout(Or moved to the other side) to poke fun at him except for 2 guys. Then he hit another foul ball there and the last 2 vacated. He then hit several more foul balls there, laughing all the while.

    Who was this player and can I find the video of it on youtube, or could someone direct me to it?

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    Might have been Bip Roberts, see Trivia forum
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      I believe it was David Hulce w/ the Rangers. Coincidentally Hulce was the outfielder next to Canseco when he got that assist on the HR of his head.


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        I remember that clip well and am 100% positive that it was David Hulse.


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