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Cubs Destroy Coach's Car, Buy New One

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  • Cubs Destroy Coach's Car, Buy New One

    Tim Buss is the strength and condition coach of the Cubs, and he drives a 1995 Nissan Sentra. At least he did up until this week when members of the Chicago Cubs pitching staff took a sledgehammer to it. " The car windows all had been smashed in, the front, back and sides all were severely dented and the smoking guns—a couple of baseball bats and balls—were strategically placed in the windshield." Here, take a look:

    Obviously this isn't Yankee related, but I thought it was funny, and that you might be interested. It does involve a former Yankee, though. ...
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    That's pretty cool. Although it's a good thing he didn't seem to have any particular sentimental attachment to the Sentra...


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      Moving to BI.
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        That was real nice of them. My parents did something similar when they bought my first car. I was excited to see what it looked like, and all I saw was a car with its windows smashed in, and really wrecked. I was nearly in tears when my dad said that vandals must have smashed it in the night. Then my brother comes driving out of the garage in a 77' Camaro. I was so happy. It was actually better this way, because it tought me valuable lessons. My parents and sister actedit so well, and so did my brother. That was the best birthday of my life!:cap:
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          Nice bit of vandalism.


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            That's pretty funny. Although I wouldn't reccomend doing that...
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            Why can't they just air the doubleheaders? Those programs aimed at children are crap anyway.


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