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What's with baseball and birds?

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    Originally posted by RuthMayBond View Post
    . . . thinking about Rick Burleson and Doug Rader
    I know they didn't have webbed feet, but I'm pretty sure their gloves had some sort of webbing.


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          Originally posted by Sean Ryan View Post
          Cardinals, Blue Jays, Orioles...
          The Cardinals were named for the COLOR. A female fan, who was at the first game the Cardinals trotted out in dark red socks, said within earshot of a reporter.

          "oh, what a lovely shade of Cardinal...." The Cardinal bird is prominent in the midwest, and that was that..... Cardinals they became in both Color and Fowl.

          I find that there are far more references to the NAVY that seem odd to me.

          Captain (manager)
          On Deck
          Isn't Platoon a Navy term?
          Ace (Navy & Air Force fighter pilots)
          Dinger (Dingie?)
          Ducks on a Pond (bases loaded)
          Portsider (lefty)
          Shell, or Got Shelled (military term)
          "Herman Franks to Sal Yvars to Bobby Thomson. Ralph Branca to Bobby Thomson to Helen Rita... cue Russ Hodges."


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            Originally posted by RuthMayBond View Post
            Mark Fidrych?
            Frank Crow-setti?
            Ducky Medwick?
            Goose Gossage?
            Ron the Penguin Cey?
            Eric Swan?
            Phil the Vulture Regan?
            Tris Grey Eagle Speaker?
            Andre the Hawk Dawson?
            Pete Falcone?
            Billy Martin?
            Robin Roberts?
            Brett Butler was always bunting?
            I guess Willie Mays was a flycatcher?
            Mike Parrott?
            Sam Crane?
            Fred the Chicken Stanley?
            Mr. Tebbetts?
            That's quick some list.
            What's the pecking order? :silent:


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              the Orioles were named after the state bird of Maryland, the Baltimore Oriole
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                Even our member here, dgarza...

                In Spanish, garza means heron.

                Sparrow Morton and Sparrow McCaffrey both played in the 1880's.
                Snipe Hansen played in the 1930's.
                Fred Woodcock played in the 1890's.
                Red Barber was "the old Redhead"

                All outfielders are flycatchers.

                How many times have you read that the outfielder dove for the ball?

                Ernie Harwell used to call a curveball a "Yellowhammer". I guess that's the old Southern word for the flicker, who has a big white spot on its rump. When a flicker flies, the spot dips like a curveball. If you ever see one, check it out...


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