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Cyborg Baseball players from future !!!

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  • Cyborg Baseball players from future !!!

    Ok, This is kind of way out there, but that's part of the "between innings" thread. Ok it might be the weirdest thread but hear me out we might get an interesting conversation out of it.

    I saw this story on the News a little while ago. It was about a Iraq war vet who had his leg blown off in the war. He has the newest most technicality prosthetic leg, and it works just like a real human leg. You cannot even tell he dosen't have a prosthetic limb when he has long pants on. He even played a Alumni Lacrosse game at West point and goes Skiing!! He now is the head of an orginization that helps diabled Iraq war vets, I have seen other stories like this with some troops actually going back to Iraq (but not in combat roles)

    It's an amazing story, because of what they have overcome and all they have accomplished is inspireing. But what else is amazing is how much Technology in prosthtic limbs has grown! It's amazing how much they can do and how much they are like real human limbs even compared to 10 years ago.

    This and a Stephen Hawkins lecture about space travel, and how human technology is starting to go faster then our evolution and we will eventually use our technology to speed up our evolution be it gentic or some other way

    ..............creepy... I know.....Anyway, Both made me think that prosthtic technology might advance enough so that they actually proform better then Human limbs! So a baseball player with one of these prosthtic limbs would have faster legs or stronger arms then a player with normal human body parts! This might make some players actually amputate their limbs and replace them with highly advanced prosthtics!! Createing Bionic Players!!!

    .....Told you it was out there....Maybe "bionic player" with robot arms and legs is a bit much, but think about how future medical, training, and other technology will effect player's proformance and the game in general. It's really not that far fetched of a thought, think nobody could have predicted steroids and the effect it hade on the game before say the 1970's. So with the exponential growth of technology in all fields it will have a huge effect on the game both good & bad! So what do you think it will be like ? and just for fun, whats the craziest technology and effect that will lie in baseball's future!
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    Has anyone been following the story of the South African sprinter who wears prosthetic legs? He was barred from participating in the able-bodied Olympics, but the decision was overturned today. It will be a hot topic leading up to the Olympics this summer. Here's a good article on the whole situation from the NY Times:

    Edit: And here's the follow-up from today:


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