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1994 version of Abbott and Costello :-) (A sitcom with no strike? :-)

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  • 1994 version of Abbott and Costello :-) (A sitcom with no strike? :-)

    Since someone else did a modernization, I thought I'd do a 1994/5 version - in the "Full House" unvierse, where it could be argued that the '94 players' strike didn't happen!

    But, the playoffs and World Series get confused because of a Walker who doesn't walk, a guy besides Key who is the key, and when the dust clears, the Cubs may not play with zeal even if they get Zeile, and they might just win the World Series, if someone can just convince Kimmy Gibbler Ryne Sandbert and Carl Sandburg are 2 different people

    And, Hugh "Losing Pitcher" Mulcahey and Early Wynn really have her confused, which is the main Abbott and Costello stuff, though other jokes are throughout. (TVU=TV Unvierse, BU=Book Unviersein the author's note).

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