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  • Minor league guy

    In the Mets-Cardinals game yesterday, the Cardinals inserted a player wearing 91 into the game. Josh Lewin on WFAN didn't recognize him and apparently neither did Fox:

    I can't resize the image so here it is.
    The Mets have the best, smartest fans in baseball.

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    The Mets' broadcasters didn't know either. The other Cardinals' players all had their names on the back of their jersys, this guy for some reason didn't. The Mets' announcers just called him #91.
    They call me Mr. Baseball. Not because of my love for the game; because of all the stitches in my head.


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      What's even better is that he's on third base. So "I don't know" was literally on 3rd...


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        Here's a smaller version of the screen capture...

        ...and while we're waiting to see if he's related to this gentleman...

        ...let's all sing the Minor League Guy song. All together, and in unison:

        ♪ Lucky there's a Minor League Guy,
        ♪ Lucky there's a man who, positively can do,
        ♪ All the things that make us laugh and cry
        ♪ He's our Minor League Guy!
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          One thing that has always stood out to me attending ST games in Florida is the abundance of high numbers and huge rosters on both sides.
          Dave Bill Tom George Mark Bob Ernie Soupy Dick Alex Sparky
          Joe Gary MCA Emanuel Sonny Dave Earl Stan
          Jonathan Neil Roger Anthony Ray Thomas Art Don
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          Robin Bill Ernie JEDI


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            Mystery solved...
            My top 10 players:

            1. Babe Ruth
            2. Barry Bonds
            3. Ty Cobb
            4. Ted Williams
            5. Willie Mays
            6. Alex Rodriguez
            7. Hank Aaron
            8. Honus Wagner
            9. Lou Gehrig
            10. Mickey Mantle


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