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What ballparks are you hoping to get to this year?

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    just stayin' on the west coast this season:

    giants - mays field
    opposition of the a's - oakland coliseum
    the hated dodgers - dodger stadium
    padres - petco park
    mariners - safeco field
    los angeles angels of anaheim - angel stadium of anaheim near los angeles but really truly in anaheim, no foolin'
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      Went to the Rays series at fenway with my wife and inlaws (inlaws are Red Sox Fans) great time aside from having our ass's handed to us all but the last game.
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        Got to Marlins Park earlier than expected. Hoping to take my girls there later this year.


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          I hope, and would like to think I will get to Dodgers Stadium, Angel Stadium & maybe a game in Phoenix.
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            Here in Missouri, KC and Busch stadiums. Next summer, I'll be travelling East to visit family and I am considering driving in order to see as much as possible and do as much as possible along the way. Saving as much as I can at the present time. Flying no longer seems like a good time (gee, I wonder why.... airlines maybe?)

            I'll monitor this thread all summer and maybe it will help to make some plans.
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