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Turn any player, from any era, into a zombie...

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  • Turn any player, from any era, into a zombie...

    It's a prize as awesomely unique as the contest itself -- the Indoor Four contest.

    Simply select an eligible player who you think could pick an an inside-the-park home run for the month, and if he does, you will have the baseball player of your choice -- past or present -- morphed into a zombie baseball card courtesy Chicago artist Jeremy Scheuch.

    How awesome is that?!

    Don't fret if your choice doesn't complete the Splendid Sprint, because whichever player picks up the most triples for the month (after selection), will make a winner of his / her nominator should the group of chosen players fail to pick up an indoor four for the month.

    See how simple, and awesome it is? What are you waiting for...? Sign up right here!
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