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    With today's news that the NYC Tourist Trap known as Mickey Mantle's is shutting it's doors for good, thought a good thread to start would be on eateries, watering holes and whatever else a player had his name attached to, either as a name of the place, or as a partner in it.

    Note, inside a ballpark stand like Boog Powell's BBQ in Camden does not count, and I started a thread for that in the Ballparks forum

    I'll start with some NYC Mets related places.

    From the past, Ed Kranepool and Ron Swoboda had a family restaurant out in Amitiville, Long Island, and closer to Shea, Cleon Jones and Tommie Agee had a club in Corona.

    Speaking of Shea, when Bobby Valentine was managing the Mets, he lent his name to the hotel bar at the Holiday Inn at Laguardia, which is across the street, pretty much, from...well now Citi Field of course.

    There were also Rusty Staub's two locations. One uptown that was more of a regular restaurant, and one in midtown that was more of a tourist trap.

    Also Carlos Beltran was/is an investor in a Latin cusine restaurant that I can't remember off hand.

    And more recently, and still going, is Strawberry's in Douglaston, Queens. A few LIRR stops from Flushing on the Port Washington line.
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    Can't seem to find much photographic evidence on Google for Kranepool and Swoboda's place, but here is an old ad that ran in Met programs back in the day:

    And literally nothing for Agee's and Jones' Outfielder's Lounge sadly.

    Bobby V's name may be long since off the Holiday Inn's hotel bar, but his original home is still in Stamford:

    And Google is not doing me any favors with the Holiday Inn annex of Bobby V's, or Rusty's two Manhattan locales.

    But here is Straw's place:

    Oh, and it looks like current Cardinal outfielder, Carlos Beltran is still the co-owner of Sofrito

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      Stan Musial had Stan and Biggie's in St. Louis
      I believe Willie McCovey has a restaurant bearing his name in Walnut Creek, California.


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        I believe Randy Johnson is part owner of Alice Coopers "Cooperstown" near Chase Field in Phoenix...the specialty? "the big unit" a giant hot dog

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          Albert Pujols had a restaurant with his name and a statue:
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            Back in the 90's, there used to be a "Ron Santo's Rotisserie Chcken" restaurant in Schaumburg, IL, a Chicago suburb. It was a block away from where I was working at the time. I once asked a waitress there if Santo stopped in often. She said she'd been there over a year and had never seen him.
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              Pete Rose had a couple of restaurants in SE Florida. He used to do his radio show from one of them. Johnny Bench has his "Home Plate" restaurant that I see some memorbilia from at various collector shows.
              Don Mattingly had a place in his hometown of Evansville, Indiana.
              Mike Shannon still has his restaurant in downtown St. Louis.
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                Soup's Bar and Grill - owned by Jeff Suppan
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