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Those with Extra Innings or, who do you watch?

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  • Those with Extra Innings or, who do you watch?

    Let me first explain I live in the Brewers market, so I didn't buy to watch Crew games. Instead, the fact I can watch it on my PS3, Macbook, and iPhone was the reason why. I can go practically anywhere and still watch or listen to a game. Add in the fantasy player tracker and it was easily worth the money.

    I watch quite a few Nationals games. Their pitching staff is awesome (Jordan Zimmermann is one of 3 active players from Wisconsin and was still pitching at UW-SP when I was a freshman at UW-O) and Harper is exciting to watch.

    I also watch a lot of Mariners games. Always been an Ichiro fan and have fond memories of watching Brewers-Mariners games on TV in the mid-90's when there were very few Brewers games on TV.

    I watch the Tigers to see Prince.

    I find myself in general watching a lot of west-coast teams. I think it's because I work 11-6 and by the time my evenings are free, it's like 9ish at night. Love to lay on the recliner and doze off to a Dodgers or A's game.
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    I have the extra innings package...I am a cubs fan and have a very hard time watching them, besides didnt get it to watch them as cubs games are often on wgn...I frequently watch the dbacks (live in Phoenix) as well as nationals, rangers, angels, dodgers (just to listen to scully), and even the royals


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      I used to get it every year (MLBEI) but haven't for the past two. I found that I wasn't watching as many Mets and Yankee games to justify it. For the most part most national games are Yankee games and I was able to catch Braves, Cubs and Nationals games on "local" channels (on weekends).

      The last year I was a subscriber I ended up watching more west coast games than anything else as it was the only time that I could sit and quietly enjoy a game.
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