One of the questions that former MLB players are often asked is "what hitter (or pitcher) gave you most trouble?" For fun, whenever I read/see this question asked, I check out and see how good the player's memory is. Often it's pretty bad. Here's an example.

NY Times: Who hit your knuckleball the best?

Tim Wakefield: Darryl Strawberry hit me pretty good when he was with the Yankees. The guys with the long uppercut swings usually do well. Justin Morneau and Jim Thome hit me pretty good. Lefty hitters, where my ball usually falls down and in to them, gave me trouble.

Strawberry - 6-20 (.300) with 3 HRs. Not bad, but Aaron Rowand was 12-22 (.545) with 4 HRs. Dave Nilsson was 16-25 (.640) with 1 HR. Vladimir Guerrero was 12-25 (.480) with 5 HRs. I could go on. Many players hit him better than Strawberry.

Thome - 12-65 (.185) with 4 HRs.

Morneau - 8-21 (.381) with 0 HRs.

all lefties - .250 (.258 for righties) with 154 HRs (264 HRs for righties)

Overall, Mr. Wakefield, I give your memory a 'D'.

Anybody have any faulty memories to add?