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Batteries included: All-time top 50

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  • Batteries included: All-time top 50

    When we consider baseball’s all-time greatest pitcher/catcher combinations, legendary batteries like Grove and Cochrane, Ford and Berra, Seaver and Bench spring to mind.
    These storied pairs immediately prompt one to conjure other imaginary match-ups, players drawn from every era of baseball who might be combined as duos. Here then is a list of 50 pairs of actual pitchers and catchers combined as all-time, fantasy battery mates. Though they’re unlikely to ever mount any brilliant plays on the field, hopefully they will provide some memorable plays on words.

    (Note: All pitchers and catchers listed are documented on Baseball Almanac as major leaguers who’ve played baseball, however briefly, sometime since the late 19th Century.)

    Billy Muffett
    Clyde Klutz

    Adam Eaton
    Don Crow

    Tim Drew
    Coonie Blank

    John Striker
    Chink Outen

    Colter Bean
    Jim Ball

    Joe Black
    Bert Blue

    Drew Stubbs
    Barry Foote

    Bill Crouch
    Jim Stoops

    Phil Paine
    Jack Crouch

    John Rocker
    Robby Hammock

    Renyel Pinto
    Henry Mercedes

    Ossie France
    Hugh Poland

    Travis Harper
    Dave Valle

    Jacob Turner
    Harry Cheek

    Frank Viola
    David Sax

    Eric Knott
    Tom Needham

    JJ Putz
    Brian Downing

    Charlie Chech
    Kevin Cash

    Rocky Cherry
    Herman Pitz

    Pete Hamm
    Johnny Berger

    Luke French
    Jerry Fry

    Colter Bean
    Herman Franks

    Doc Gooden
    Rick Sweet

    Dean Smyly
    Jim Gladd

    Jack Bliss
    Ed Hug

    Jim Murray
    Steve Christmas

    John Costello
    Fred Abbott

    Clayton Richard
    Russ Nixon

    Willard Nixon
    Sam Agnew

    Mike Marshall
    Packy Dillon

    Jarrod Parker
    Buster Posey

    John Buck
    Mack Wheat

    Jim Golden
    Jack Shepard

    John Maine
    Gabby Street

    Chris Waters
    Tom Dowse

    Gregg Tubbs
    Bill Bathe

    Chris Bootcheck
    Jack Bellman

    Mark Clear
    Joe Crisp

    Harry Child
    Mark Parent

    John Valentine
    Tyler Flowers

    Ron Darling
    Paul Casanova

    Dick Pole
    Ray Katt

    Jim Kaat
    Frank House

    Chris Getz
    John Clapp

    Walter Masters
    Rob Johnson

    Chief Bender
    Alan Knicely

    R.A. Dickey
    Branch Rickey

    Rollie Fingers
    Bill Dickey

    Mel Harder
    George Dickey

    …And last but not least, at least not until very late in extra innings—

    Danny Cox
    Tony Suck

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