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    How would you choose a 20-man roster based on personal criteria? You may choose a player who matches a criterion, sticking him wherever he qualifies. We'll say a player qualifies at a position with 100 games there, with outfielders being interchangeable. Pick a player who...

    1) Shares your birthday
    2) Died on your birthday
    3) is the same age as you (can be retired)
    4) shares your height
    5) was born in the same state as you (WAR < 30.0)
    6) debuted the year you were born
    7) retired the year you were born
    8) shares your weight (within 5 lbs)
    9) was an all-star the year you were born
    10) you saw play live (WAR < 30.0)
    11) you admire most (and why)
    12) you dislike most (and why)
    13) who's first name is your middle name
    14) who's career you believe ended in misfortune and who, had they been able to play longer, would have impacted the game (WAR < 30.0)
    15) you emulated as a kid (WAR < 30.0)
    16) who's autograph you have
    17) you believe has the best nickname
    18) you believe was better at what they did after playing
    19) is a terrible HoF snub (as of now)
    20) wildcard. take your pick!

    If you feel uncomfortable posting any of these, make up your own category! I tried to keep them as least personal as possible. If you have any trouble, the play index at BBRef should help.

    C- Gary Carter (RHB, OF; retired 1992)
    1B- Joe Judge (LHB; same height at 5’8”)
    2B- Craig Biggio (RHB, OF/C; same birthday)
    3B- Clete Boyer (RHB, SS; have his autograph)
    SS- Phil Rizzuto (RHB; good announcer, overrated player)
    LF- Bryce Harper (RHB; same age as myself)
    CF- Paul Waner (LHB, OF; closest to my weight)
    RF- Roger Maris (RHB, OF; died on my birthday)
    DH- Mike Piazza (RHB; debuted 1992)

    BN- Bobby Grich (RHB, 2B/SS; awful HoF snub)
    BN- Trot Nixon (LHB, OF; emulated as a kid)
    BN- Albert Belle (LHB, OF; what a violent, selfish a**hole)

    SP- Greg Maddux (RHP; 1992 all-star)
    SP- Smoky Joe Wood (RHP; tragic end to a promising career. Still managed to have some great years despite tremendous injury.)
    SP- Christy Mathewson (RHP; I admire most for bringing intellect and class to a rough-and-tumble game)
    SP- Lefty Grove (LHP; wild card)

    RP- Al Hrabosky (LHP; The Mad Hungarian)
    RP- Billy Wagner (LHP; saw him live with Boston)
    RP- Steve Bedrosian (RHP; first name=my middle name)
    RP- Jeff Reardon (RHP; born same state)

    Lou Gehrig and Roger Clemens could be used for admire and dislike, respectively.
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    "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article

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    Took a bit longer than I thought. Nice idea - hope I didn't double up on any, but I don't think I did.

    C - Charles Johnson (RHB; saw him play live and needed to find a catcher)
    1B - Stan Musial (LHB, LF; have his autograph on a ball)
    2B - Rogers Hornsby (RHB; same listed height)
    3B - Ron Santo (RHB; first name = my middle name]
    SS - Omar Vizquel (SHB; same age - the pool is getting shallow)
    RF - Babe Ruth (LHB; wildcard - can you have a list without George Herman?)
    CF - Willie Mays (RHB; same listed weight)
    LF - Hank Aaron (RHB; All-Star when I was born)
    DH - Dale Murphy (RHB; HoF snub IMO)

    BN - Sam Thompson (LHB; died on my birthday)
    BN - Larry Bowa (SHB; emulated as a kid - his tenacity and willingness to improve was second to none)
    BN - Ralph Kiner (RBH; sure he had a great 5-6 years, but 50 years as an announcer and icon is amazing - classy guy from what I've heard too)

    SP - Walter Johnson (RHP; "Big Train")
    SP - Sandy Koufax (LHP; retired the year I was born)
    SP - Nolan Ryan (RHP; debuted the year I was born)
    SP - Herb Score (LHP; 2+ years of one of the greatest starts for a pitcher derailed when hit in the face. When Mickey Mantle calls you the toughest lefty in the game, that says something)

    RP - Jim Kaat (LHP, Swingman; same birthday)
    RP - Bruce Sutter (RHP; born in same state)
    RP - John Rocker (RHP; totally classless POS who doesn't even deserve an explanation)
    RP - Tug McGraw (LHP; the anti-Rocker. held in high regard in two major cities - Philly gives out an annual "Good Guy" award named after him)
    "Chuckie doesn't take on 2-0. Chuckie's hackin'." - Chuck Carr two days prior to being released by the Milwaukee Brewers


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      Originally posted by Ben Grimm View Post
      SS - Omar Vizquel (SHB; same age - the pool is getting shallow)
      Thanks for posting, Ben. I edited the guidelines so players who are the same age can be retired. Don't know if that would change your roster. McGraw was a really good pick, too.
      "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article


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        Man, this team was harder to assemble than you might think. Here's the best I could do:

        C - Johnny Bench (RHB; approximately the same weight)
        1B - Dick Allen (RHB; a Hall of Fame snub in my book)
        2B - Larry Doyle (LHB; died on my birthday)
        3B - George Brett (LHB; All-Star 1982)
        SS - Honus Wagner (RHB; wild card)
        LF - Manny Ramirez (RHB; dislike most, just doesn't show any respect for the game)
        CF - Ty Cobb (LHB; admire most, because he's the one that comes to mind anytime I try to imagine the ultimate ballplayer)
        RF - Babe Ruth (LHB; same height)

        C - Al Lopez (RHB; a solid catcher, but a great manager)
        IF - Tim Bogar (RHB; my autograph collection is pretty small, but hey, he gives me a great utility infielder!)
        UT - Tony Phillips (SHB; debuted 1982)
        OF - Paul Hines (RHB; shares my birthday)

        SP - Tom Glavine (LHP; saw him play live)
        SP - Ed Walsh (RHP; first name = my middle name)
        SP - Luis Tiant (RHP; retired 1982)
        SP - Hideo Nomo (RHP; I used to copy his windup when I was a kid)

        RP - Jeff Fassero (LHP; born in Illinois)
        RP - Hong-Chih Kuo (LHP; same age as me for about another week)
        RP - Don Stanhouse (RHP; Stan the Man Unusual)
        RP - Steve Olin (RHP; might have helped the Indians win a World Series)
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          Good stuff, Ian. Two tornado wind-up guys in the rotation? Too bad you didn't have Dontrelle Wilis for a lefty followed by Gene Garber as your closer!
          "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article


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            Anyone else?
            "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article


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