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Do nothing but grab and pen and you'd have...

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  • Do nothing but grab and pen and you'd have...

    a one time MVP at first
    a batting champ behind the plate.
    a something at second
    a shortstop who can field but can't really hit.
    a third baseman with close to twenty homers this year.
    a Gold Glover in center
    a good hitting outfielder.
    an outfielder who led the league in rbis in June.
    on the hill a pitcher who struck out over two hundred in three straight seasons.
    a pitcher who threw back to back one hitters.
    a former all star.
    another pitcher with a no hitter.\
    and another pitcher with a no hitter.
    in the pen one of the best set up men
    and to wrap it up, one of baseballs best closers.

    I did this from memory so there may be some errors...all just for signing them.... no trades. nothing.... and the team is of course?? I really don't care though as I'm a Brewer fan but can any of you put together a better team of players who still play or once played for a team?

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    Yeah, but this team is now 36-50 and dead last in the AL Central.
    46 wins to match last year's total


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      That's right... so if they hadn't done anything but re sign players, they'd be pretty good I suspect..The Pohlads ain't poor. But I really don't care that much .but since I live in MN I can't help but kind of keep tabs on what's happening. So much talent out there helping other teams..


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