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What weird or funny something happened to you at a game or games?

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  • What weird or funny something happened to you at a game or games?

    I want to read what weird or crazy something you experienced at a game.

    For me, it was the 2005 season my White Sox won the WS.

    Every game I went to in 2005 (only 10 games) the Sox lost. Wife and I even went to Fenway to watch the Sox vs Sox and my White Sox lost that game too.

    So I made damn sure I stayed away from the playoffs and WS games.

    What's your story?

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    we went to a game in 1980 Yankees at A's

    in the bottom of the first there was a long line drive hit out to CF and the Yankee CF crashed into the wall and got injured and had to be removed from the game

    a few innings later the same batter who hit the drive where the player got injured came up and was intentionally walked

    in the row behind us, a fan asked his friend why are they not pitching to him

    the friend answered "the yankees don't want any more of their players to get hurt"
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      1991 Twins at A's

      the A's hit 5 solo home runs and led 5-0

      the Twins scored 7 runs in the 8th inning to take a 7-5 lead

      the A's hit a 6th solo HR in the bottom of the 8th to make it 7-6

      The Twins won 8-6 and would go on to win the world series

      the A's home runs were Dave Henderson (3). McGwire Canseco and Baines
      1. The more I learn, the more convinced I am that many players are over-rated due to inflated stats from offensive home parks (and eras)
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        1971 Pirates at Giants a preview of the playoffs

        neither Mays nor Clemente started, little used reserve Jim Rosario started in CF, in 2004 my very good female friend remarried - to Jim Rosario's son

        the Giants outslugged the Pirates 15-11 combining for 29 hits and I think 6 HR

        Dave Kingman hit a pinch hit grand slam in his second game, his first ML home run
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        1. The more I learn, the more convinced I am that many players are over-rated due to inflated stats from offensive home parks (and eras)
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          I had two funny experiences at the old Arlington Stadium.
          First was when a big family group showed up and sat in the section next to us, they had a very gorgeous young lady in a little dress with them and she just didn't fit in. After a couple of innings, the lady suddenly got up and started doing a strip routine for one of the men in the group...just down to her bikini, but it was still very sexy. The men in the crowd were really getting into it, but security was all over it and hustled the young lady out (no one else in the group was asked to leave, strangely enough). A bunch of guys in the crowd got really ugly about the dancer being removed, and I was a bit worried that there might be a violent scene. We heard later that one of the guys in the party was celebrating his birthday and his wife arranged for this special treat for him.
          Another time, we had nice seats right on the aisle more or less behind third base. A woman in front of us was yakking up a storm with her friends, taking pictures, doing strange cheers...everything except watching the dang game. The Rangers infield had a tough time on one play and threw the ball around for a while, finally it got past Beuchele and rolled up to the wall. Just then, this lady happens to actually look at the game, shouts "A ball!!!", runs over to the wall, leans over, and picks up the ball. Then she holds it up in the air and starts cheering her good luck.
          Of course, the ball was still in play, so the entire stadium starts booing like crazy. Beuchele stands there with his hands on his hips for a good 15 seconds staring daggers at the woman. She still doesn't know what's going on, but finally a drunkish guy yells, "The ball was still in play, you moron!" I don't think she knew what that meant, but she's realizing that she did something wrong and starts to look scared. Security shows up and they're ready to drag her out, but she starts apologizing profusely and telling them she didn't know what she did was wrong. After a couple of minutes, the guard starts chuckling and telling her she can stay if she stays away from the field.
          You know what? I don't think she ever looked back at the field after that.

          The funniest thing that ever happened in a game I was playing in was with a Schaumburg team when we got a man on third. The guy at the plate was kind of a goofball and not much of a hitter, so the baserunner turns to us on the bench and rather loudly whispers, "Anybody think Marty is going to get a hit?"
          Most of us said, "No way!", so the runner says, "I'm gonna steal home then!"
          Of course, everybody but Marty has heard this, but the pitcher still delivers to home and the runner takes off. Halfway down, he starts screaming, "OH GOD MARTY, DON'T SWING! FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, DON'T SWING, MARTY!!!"
          Marty's about to take a big cut, then looks down the line and falls over backwards to get out of the way. Safe!!!

          Same team, I was catching a game for a guy who could really pour it, threw 5 distinct pitches for strikes. First inning, I ended up calling for a first pitch fastball on all three hitters, get a strike each time, then messed around with the rest of the repertoire to see how his stuff was working.
          Next inning, the pitcher finishes warming up and the batter is stepping in when the 3B coach hustles over to confer with him. "Hey, he's thrown fastball first pitch every time...sit on the fastball!!"
          Well, great observation...but I'm five feet away and can hear every word, dummy! So, I think to myself, if I'm sitting dead red, what's the worst pitch I can get? Definitely slider for me...anything else and I might have time to adjust.
          I call the slider, and the guy just about comes out of his shoes...starts the bat going hard early, tries to hold up a bit, then finishes violently because he's trying to reach out for the darting pitch while he's lost control of the front foot and bailed out. Poor batter ends up turning a few circles and screams at the coach, "YOU SAID IT WAS GOING TO BE AN EFFING FASTBALL!!!"
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            This is the box score from the first MLB game that I ever went to.

            I was 8 years old at the time. The Tigers lost 5-4, and my dad, uncle, cousins, and I all felt that we were robbed by the ump... but not in the usual way.

            The key moment came in the seventh inning. With one out, Buddin and Bruton walked, bringing Kaline to the plate. At this point the Tigers put on a hit-and-run (at least I assume it was, we're talking 50 years ago now). Kaline delivered - a hot shot down the third base line, a sure double, tying the game and maybe bringing in a lead run.

            But at the same time the third base ump ran over to cover the (presumed) play at third. The ball hit the ump in fair territory, rebounded directly to the KC shortstop, who got Buddin out in a rundown as he desperately tried to get back to third base. That cost the Tigers the game. The play was scored as a single for Kaline, with Buddin out at third base.


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              don't remember many really bizarre plays, though withs eason tickets for a couple years to the Canton-Akron Indians I likely saw a few there.

              However, the first year of Camden Yards my parents and I visited as the Orioles played the A's, and there was an electrical outage; stadium's backup lighting came on and there was aa delay for half an hour. Not often you see that.

              cute sayings from kids at Munson Stadium:

              Kid: How long can they keep playing."
              Dad" They have to keep playing till one team has the lead at the end of an inning."
              Kid: "So they could keep playing forever! That'd be so neat!" (I know the feeling :-)

              Kids arguing about what one did or didn't do, , about 8-9, went "did not" "did too" for a while, then to "didn't and did" for a while, then to "not and "too" back and forth, and finally to "n" "t" back and forth. You get the feeling that they'd done that a lot and by that time knew it was just playing around when they did.

              You know that "na na na na, hey hey, hey, goodbye" song? I think it might have been these same kids at another game who would sing the oppisite: "Hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey hey, na na na, hello!"

              Sadly, I must share my own McCarverism. I'm a love of puns so I've made a few, but this most recent is the only one I recall, for which I'm sure you are thankful. :-) An Indians' callup, Vinnie Rottino, has a song from "The Godfather" play as he comes up to bat. I heard this as he came up in a game last Thursday and I remarked to my dad and great uncle after he made a couple outs, "He's making the pitcher an oh-fer he can't refuse."
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                As of today, I have yet to get a foul ball at a major league game.

                In Sept. of 1993, on a cold and rainy night in KC's Kaufmann Stadium (as it was then known), I was sitting behind home plate in a nearly empty stadium. It was about the 7th or 8th, getting late in the game, and fans were heading home. I would stick it out, and I said to myself that if I didn't get a foul ball over these two innings, I may never get one. There may have been 90 fans sitting behind home plate at that moment.

                My seat was just to the third base side of the protective netting which connected up to the press box. Sure enough, a foul ball reached the netting, and it rolled parallel to the edge and still in the netting by maybe 3 inches, before ricocheting off of the press box. Like a fool, I left my seat and followed it up about 10 steps. When it ricocheted, it bounded back down the steps and I followed back down.

                Guess where it settled? That's right..... in my seat. About 8 or 9 fans had followed me and then ended up in pile in my seat. My hot coffee (it was about 38 degrees at that point on that night) had spilled over my scorecard, my hot dog flattened, my scorecard a mess and the ball long gone.

                If I stay in my seat, then I could have caught it over my shoulder and done so with my free hand still holding the coffee. :twocents:
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                  As of today, I have yet to get a foul ball at a major league game.

                  My dad took my grandparents (who were from Louisiana) to a Giants game in 1972 - there might have been 5-8K at the game. There was a foul ball and my dad said he pushed a "youth" a little to get the ball. He got booed. it was his first and last ever foul ball. He gave it to my grandfather.
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                    I once went to a game in Philadelphia and didn't get vomitted on. True story.
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                    1. Babe Ruth
                    2. Barry Bonds
                    3. Ty Cobb
                    4. Ted Williams
                    5. Willie Mays
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                    7. Hank Aaron
                    8. Honus Wagner
                    9. Lou Gehrig
                    10. Mickey Mantle


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                      ^ :lol: I went there last April and thought I was going to be. "City of brotherly love," my foot!

                      I was at the Nationals/Cubs game a few weeks ago, where they had the fight (Jamie Quirk screams at Bo Porter, Porter screams back at Quirk, benches clear; then Cubs throw at Bryce Harper, benches clear again).
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                        This is neither weird nor funny, but poignant and remarkably memorable for me for what it says about the evolution of diversity in the MLB.

                        Back at Philly's old Connie Mack Stadium, around 1960, I was a teenager attending what was probably one of the frequent incredible bargains available then known as a "twi-night" double-header. In fact, we almost never attended single games since we could always get into of these 2-for-1 deals. And I will always remember in those times of mostly white and black players--with very few Latinos--when we Phillies fans were loudly and continually cheering on our favorite players, like Callison and Post, with shouts of "Go Johnny...Attaboy Wally," etc. And then, after a chorus of these stadium-loud shout-outs had ended, I heard one solitary,hesitant, slightly intimidated cheer barely squeak out of the huge crowd for one of the few Latino players on the Cardinals that day (and looking back it must have been the infielder named Gotay). The tiny voice said once, and simply: "Lais go, Julio."

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                          A great friend of mine from high school (and later my best man) worked for the AAA Indianapolis Indians while in HS and college. In the clubhouse, batboy pretty regularly, occassionally work the manual scoreboard inside the left field wall We had some great times at games. The biggest perk of his job, far beyond free tix to the AAA games, was staying in touch with players when they were called to the big leagues.

                          We were both Cardinal fans, so when the Redbirds played in Cincinnati, he would call the visiting clubhouse, ask for a player he knew, and get us tickets to games. One afternoon, on a whim, we decide to go. The player he called was Tim Costo, Reds OF. The single game had been turned into a doubleheader, we got there in the second inning of the first game. It was one of the craziest games I've ever seen, ending 13-12 Cardinals, setting a record for most pitchers used at that time or something inane like that. The game took forever and the second started quite late. We decided to stay even though the drive back to Indianapolis loomed. Im glad we did. Mark Whiten Hit four home runs in the second game, a 15-2 thrashing by the Cards. The stand were quite empty by the end of the game and even the Reds fans were in their feet as Whiten rounded the bases after HR #4, a fastball from Rob Dibble that Whiten absolutely destroyed to dead center. A grand slam, a three run homer, another three run homer and a two run blast = 12 RBI tying two MLB records. That is not the strangest part however, seeing a historic performance... During the game, while enjoying our box seats courtesy of Mr. Costo, my buddy caught a foul ball, hit by.... You guessed it - Tim Costo.

                          We hung around after the game to say hi, asked him about the at bat, and a foul ball he hit beyond first. Almost in a trance, he says "slider away, I was late on it, was thinking something off speed. Still thought I was going to make good contact, hit one hard to right. Instead, fouled it off." He was freaked out when we told him my buddy caught it. The ball now reads, "To Red, Nice Grab. Tim Costo"
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                            I went to a Mets game at Citi Field once and the Mets won.
                            The Mets have the best, smartest fans in baseball.


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                              Originally posted by Blue387 View Post
                              I went to a Mets game at Citi Field once and the Mets won.
                              Great...and I think I was at that game, too! (=one)


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