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    Using Baseball-references Similarity scores, I was wondering which two players were the most similar (i.e. had the highest similiarity score).

    The shorter your career, the better chance of being more similar, so I thought I'd put it in a couple of categories, and start off with the most similar I could find with a quick search

    Less than 3,000 plate appearances: Curt Ford and Bob Will have a similarity score of 989
    more than 3,000 plate appearances: Rip Repulski and George Altman have a similarity score of 977.
    more then 6,000 plate appearances: Greg Luzinski and Roy Sievers have a similarity score of 943

    Can anyone find players that are more similar?

    (just for fun, I thought it was interesting that the most similar player to Rabbit Robinson was Kermit Wahl. Two great names)

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    Running thru a few and came up with this for 6,000+ plate appearances.

    Roy Smalley - Damion Easley 953.
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