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  • Mookie Betts is a great bowler who has a couple 300 games I believe.


    • Originally posted by 1905 Giants View Post
      Someone told me Babe Ruth was good at golf, anyone know anything about that?
      Yes, Ruth played a lot of golf, and played still more after he retired. However, I can't believe he was the kind of player to work on his putting. He surely hit bombs off of the teebox, but his short game probably wasn't any more than most. That is all conjecture.

      What is not conjecture is the golf game of John Smoltz. Per this article link below, Tiger can vouch for what Smoltz can do on the course. He is able to play with the pros in pro-Am tournaments, and he enjoys playing in charity events as much as his schedule allows. Here is the link:

      Catfish Hunter, RIP. Mark Fidrych, RIP. Skip Caray, RIP. Tony Gwynn, #19, RIP

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      • Originally posted by Sabo-metrics View Post
        Mookie Betts is a great bowler who has a couple 300 games I believe.
        Just came here to post this. He's also a regular at PBA celebrity tournaments.


        • Originally posted by dominik View Post
          Top prospect and son of former big leaguer dante bichette playing tennis. Looks pretty good. Video is saying he is playing with his dad but he isn't shown in the video.

          I bet Dante's happy that he doesn't have to run much.


          • I can't believe Captain Cold Nose was still posting in 2014.
            "No matter how great you were once upon a time β€” the years go by, and men forget,” - W. A. Phelon in Baseball Magazine in 1915. β€œRoss Barnes, forty years ago, was as great as Cobb or Wagner ever dared to be. Had scores been kept then as now, he would have seemed incomparably marvelous.”


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