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  • Leaving team to go home

    Last year, how many players left their team to go home to deal with their family losing or gaining a member? Recall any b4 last year?

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    RE: Leaving team to go home

    Bernie’s father died last year and he missed over a week. Scott Brosius missed time the year before when his father died. Paul’s father died the day the Yankees were to play Game 4 against the Braves in 1999. He and Torre talked, Paul played, and it was quite a scene at homeplate when the Yankees won the game and the Series.
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      RE: Leaving team to go home

      I do remember the Yanks having a rough go of it in recent years in this department.


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        Speaking of leaving the team, whats up with Zac Grienkie, did he ever come back, or what?

        once again another ressurected thread. Man, I wish I could spell.


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          Last year, Jason LaRue was placed on the bereavement list and Chris Mickalak was this year.
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            I'm curious, why do people dig up 4-year-old threads?
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              Originally posted by Mattingly
              I'm curious, why do people dig up 4-year-old threads?
              Well, I guess because it's suddenly relevant again. o.O
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                I can just recall Rivera. I think it was his brother or something. I can just remember that incident. Can't think of any others right now.
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                  Dug it up just to see which thread was the oldest thread left in the forum of current events, plus was curious as to where Grienkie was....and another thread has stated where.


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