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  • GiantsFever07
    Come On U seriously Think the Cubs Can Beat the Giants u kill me it will come down to the NLCS Giants-Cubs and the Giants will win in 4 then Take on the Athletics in The World Series

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  • wu-tang clan
    [QUOTE=Evangelion]I doubt you made those predictions.

    You predicted the Giants and Cardinals would miss a game? Lol, sure![/QU

    nah, i dont think hes lying

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  • IAmSmarterThanYou
    Yes, I really did!

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  • Evangelion
    I doubt you made those predictions.

    You predicted the Giants and Cardinals would miss a game? Lol, sure!

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  • IAmSmarterThanYou
    Here's my predictions from April 1, I just found them.

    Team W L Pct. GB
    AL East
    Yankees 97 65.599 -
    Blue Jays 87 75 .537 10
    Red Sox 86 76 .531 11
    Orioles 70 92 .432 27
    Devil Rays 61 101 .377 36

    AL Central
    Twins 96 66 .593 -
    Tigers 95 67 .586 1
    White Sox 90 72 .556 6
    Indians 78 84 .481 18
    Royals 62 100 .383 34

    AL West
    Athletics 93 69 .574 -
    Angels 89 73 .549 4
    Rangers 80 82 .494 13
    Mariners 78 84 .481 15

    NL East
    Mets 97 65 .599 1
    Phillies 85 77 .525 12
    Braves 79 83 .488 18
    Marlins 78 84 .481 19
    Nationals 71 91 .438 26

    NL Central
    Cardinals 83 78 .516 -
    Astros 82 80 .506 1.5
    Reds 80 82 .494 3.5
    Brewers 75 87 .463 8.5
    Pirates 67 95 .414 16.5
    Cubs 66 96 .407 17.5

    NL West
    Padres 88 74 .543 -
    Dodgers 88 74 .543 -
    Giants 76 85 .472 11.5
    Dimondbacks 76 86 .469 12
    Rockies 76 86 .469 12

    ALDS: Tigers 3, Yankees 1.
    ALDS: Athletics 3, Twins 0.
    NLDS: Mets 3, Dodgers 0.
    NLDS: Cardinals 3, Padres 1.
    ALCS: Tigers 4, Athletics 0.
    NLCS: Cardinals 4, Mets 3.
    WS: Cardinals 4, Tigers 1.

    Remember, I made these April 1st! I got everything right! Wow!

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  • scott1965
    2006 MLB predictions

    Thanks! I just had a hunch that the Cards would do it this year, although I started to doubt them towards the end of the season.

    After the Mets were eliminated in the NLCS, I started to root for the Tigers. NO one thought they would do what they did this year. I knew that Leyland would be a great fit there, but didn't figure that he'd get them to the WS in his first year.

    Now I'm depressed---no baseball until February again.

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  • trosmok
    Crystal balls need pollishing

    Originally posted by scott1965
    Here goes..........

    NL Champs (tough one---the NL is weaker than the AL)

    World Series Champs:

    I think LaRussa is finally going to get over the hump this year.
    Well done, scott 1965! Not many picked the Cards to be WS Champs. Many folks predicted the Chicago White Sox would repeat, which has become the most difficult thing to do in sports today, at least this century. Who would have honestly thought the Tigers would be AL Champs? Even the Detroit faithful had realistic hopes for their team. My poor Cubbies stunk like lower Wacker Dr. on an August evening during alewives season, but the brainwashed die-hards thought '06 would finally be their year. How well did you do with your predictions? I batted .125; a lousy 1 for 8.
    Last edited by trosmok; 11-01-2006, 09:40 AM.

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  • Jays4life
    Originally posted by robsmyth40
    Blue Jays? They look good, but not that good.
    They are not that good. They are even better!

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  • trosmok
    How 'bout them Tigers

    The Braves "should we worry?" thread got me thinking about this old thread; as we enter the good hot days of summer I thought we might dredge this up for some fun. Seems few if any of us thought Detroit would finish higher than fourth, which barring an implosion of great magnitude isn't likely to happen. My predictions are looking horribly bad, as usual, but I did accurately fortell that the addition of the cereal lead-off man, as well as making Youkilis an everyday player would improve the Red Sox dramatically. The thread took some turns toward Astros bashing, part of which I'm to blame, but Houston will need to play better than .500 ball to make the post-season. Not many others thought the Reds would be playing so well, either, bt they have been known to contend until August, and then stink worse than the Ohio River on a hot day the rest of the way.

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  • holyroman
    The astros will be and are better. all you people seem to ignore the fact that they won the NL last year beating two good teams. ther offense will be much improved this year. sure the starting rotation is a question but it was last year too. All i'm saying is that if you payed any attention to the astros success over the last ten years you would know they are a winning franchise only behind the yankees and braves in consistency.

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  • robsmyth40
    14 days

    any thoughts after the first two weeks?

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  • DodgerBlue81
    Originally posted by holyroman
    did you watch last year?, they are weaker this year!
    They won't be much weaker, and the Astros are weaker too.

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  • ndistops
    Originally posted by DodgerBlue81
    LOL, what's with all these Cubs World Champions predictions?
    We Cubs fans always pick our team no matter how stupid it may seem.

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  • ESPNFan
    AL East
    1. Red Sox
    2. Yankees
    3. Blue Jays
    4. Devil Rays
    5. Orioles
    AL Central
    1. White Sox
    2. Twins*
    3. Indians
    4. Tigers
    5. Royals
    AL West
    1. A's
    2. Angels
    3. Mariners
    4. Rangers

    NL East
    1. Mets
    2. Braves
    3. Phillies
    4. Nationals
    5. Marlins

    NL Central
    1. Cardinals
    2. Astros
    3. Brewers
    4. Cubs
    5. Pirates
    6. Reds

    NL West
    1. Dodgers
    2. Padres*
    3. Giants
    4. Diamondbacks
    5. Rockies

    *-Wild Card

    AL MVP- Manny Ramierz
    NL MVP- Albert Pujols
    AL Cy Young- Rich Harden
    NL Cy Young- Pedro Martinez
    AL Roy- Jonathan Papelbon
    NL Roy- Josh Barfield
    AL Comeback Player of the Year- Jim Thome
    NL Comeback Player of the Year- J.D. Drew
    AL Manager of the Year- Terry Francona
    NL Manager of the Year- Willie Randolph

    Red Sox over White Sox
    A's over Twins
    Cardinals over Dodgers
    Mets over Padres
    Red Sox over A's
    Mets over Cardinals
    Red Sox over Mets

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  • holyroman
    Originally posted by DodgerBlue81
    LOL, what's with all these Cubs World Champions predictions?

    I can't see the Cardinals not winning the NL.

    AL is far better and will have the World Series winner, which unfortunately, I think it will be the Yankees.
    did you watch last year?, they are weaker this year!

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