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Sosa talking to Washington Nationals

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  • Sosa talking to Washington Nationals

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    I thought that players didn't mention teams they were talking to until they were at least into the discussions. Like about a few days before they break out the quilt pens or something. OK, so nobody uses quilt pens anymore.

    Still, is he *THAT* desperate for attention that he needs to say that he and/or his agent need to tell the press of his upcoming deal which isn't even a sure thing yet?

    If he doesn't get that deal, will he be on some reality show, along with Jose Canseco? I think he should be more discreet when leaking preliminary talks to the press.
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      Sosa Should accept a minor league contract.


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        Not the only one

        Sammy is still one of my favorites, in spite of his slow spiral downward in both likability and production. He will undoubtedly take an enormous pay cut to get his dozen dingers to reach that magic HR total ending in two zeroes, and I would truly love to see him do a Dawson. Sign an open ended contract where the Nats or whomever will pay him what they think he is worth, just to play the game for the pure joy of it. Andre Dawson had an MVP season on a last place team (1987 Cubs) by doing that. Sosa is not alone among former MVPs desperate for a job; Big Frank Thomas is trolling for a team, and there are others actively seeking a home for '06.
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          Better thread

          This thread may enlighten all you fans more:



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            I lost my respect for Sammy during the season of the corked bat. Afterwards he lost so much weight that I'm 100% sure he was on steroids, which made me not care about him or his accomplishments. I would be surprised if he could still hit 30 homers playing a whole season.


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              Unless Sammy gets caught with a corked bat again


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                How on earth will this benefit the Nationals? They've already got enough problems trying to figure out where Soriano's playing, and with all signs pointing to the outfield, that makes Sosa even more of a crap fit.

                Having said that though, I don't see why Jose Vidro can't play short, taking Cristian Guzman out of the lineup and leaving Soriano where he wants to be, which would allow Sosa into the outfield - but still, this just screams bad idea for the Nats.
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                  Terrible... he won't hit doubles, field, or draw walks like Wilkerson and will just slump worse, period. I suppose he's a cheap project and not depended on, but he'll be bad.

                  It's like Burnitz, Sosa's so down he should go for the Coors air if they'd take him.
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                    Originally posted by blackout805
                    At least he should fit in well in that city. Low blow, I know.
                    I find it incredibly interesting that the team of the city infamous for its scandals gets a player infamous for his.
                    I really don't know why anyone thinks he can perform anymore. All the stats prior to 2005 suggested he was close to done if you look at their decline rate and added to 2005 should paint a pretty good picture.
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                    Johnson and now Goligoski gone.
                    I hope that's all.


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