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Bottom to Top in one season?

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  • Bottom to Top in one season?

    We've had a couple threads like this already, but I just wanted to put a different spin on it.

    Are there any teams out there that lost 90+ games, that has a shot at contending next season? If so, who? Was it one specific player? Management changes? Tell us what you think.

    For reference, here are last years 90+ game losers:

    Colorado Rockies (67-95)
    Los Angeles Dodgers (71-91)
    Pittsburgh Pirages (67-95)
    Tampa Bay Devil Rays (67-95)
    Detroit Tigers (71-91)
    Kansas City Royals (56-106)
    Seattle Mariner's (69-93)

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    You meant the Dodgers, instead of the Angels, right?

    I think any team in the NL West not named the Rockies has a shot of going from the bottom to contending from one year to the next. So the Dodgers fit that bill.

    I think the Tigers and Mariners should improve noticeably, but probably not enough to seriously contend.

    I also think the Devil Rays are getting closer to really improving. They have a terrific young core in the field: Crawford, Baldelli, Gomes, Cantu, Young, and Upton. Kazmir is an ace in the making. With some pitching help, this is a team that could really be something special in 2 or 3 years.


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      The Devil Rays just got rid of Baez, one of the few bright spots on that team. I think there's gonna be more pain in Tampa, at least for a few years to come.
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        Originally posted by DoubleX
        You meant the Dodgers, instead of the Angels, right?
        Yep, sorry about that, I'll fix it.


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          I do believe the Dodgers are a big chance to be contenders after last season's dismal performance, but they need a boost to the pitching rotation. They have had a management change which seems ok at this stage (my crystal ball tells me it is ok) and their playing strength makes them a contender.
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