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What team is similar or would you compares yours with

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  • What team is similar or would you compares yours with

    For AL fans which NL team do you believe equates with yours and visa versa for NL fans. You can base it on fan base, sucess, or even market size.

    let me start with a few

    Boston Red Sox- Chicago Cubs Slimlaraties are endless

    Oakland A's- Flordia Marlins Both teams have economic problems but even though find a way to win

    Cleveland Indians- Houston Astros- May be a leap but both teams have had sucess and should of won at least one title through out the last 50+ years with Cleveland's pain lasting longer

    Kansas City Royals- Milwaukee Brewers Low market teams with a proud history of winning Outstanding baseball towns that have had to suffer throughout the years

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    If I had to compare the Angel with a NL Club it would be the New York Mets. Angels with the first Latin owner and the Mets with Minaya as GM and most likely will be the 2nd club with a Latin owner. Both teams play in 2 team markets and have historically been considered the 2nd team even though alot of the years have had better teams. Most importantly both clubs in my opinion have the brightest future in their respective leagues.
    Angels 2002 World Champions 1979 1982 1986 2004 2005 AL West Champs

    Southern California is covered in Red now

    5 Straight Series Win:gt :gt

    The saviors
    Jered Weaver 3-0 with a 1.86 ERA and a Sub 1 WHIP with 17K to 3Walk ratio
    Kendry Morales 279 AVG 3 HR'S 11 RBI
    Mike Napoli 323 AVG 4HR'S 11 RBI


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