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Jayson Stark's Useless Information: Football v. Baseball

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  • Jayson Stark's Useless Information: Football v. Baseball

    With the Superbowl hype building all week and climaxing tomorrow, we will be deluged the following week with the games, analysis, hindsight, sidebars and probably little baseball news. Such is life. Anyway, carried this Stark column. Pretty humerous in some respects and may keep some entertained through all the football madness. Maybe it'll spark a bit more activity for you Trivia buffs.

    Take solace, oh baseball diehards. As Stark says in his first paragraph:

    If Super Bowl hysteria is raging, it can only mean one thing: Pitchers and catchers are just past the nearest goalpost. So here comes a Super Bowl edition of the Useless Information Department.

    Have fun.

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    Leave it to Stark to give us the silver lining.
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      I enjoyed that article quite thoroughly, and also the article he referenced in that first bit about myths/misconceptions about the NFL.


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        I like his style.

        Baseball America's Jim Callis reports that two high-profile players in SBXL were once taken in the baseball draft. One was Antwaan Randle El, taken by the Cubs in the 14th round in 1997 -- one pick before Oakland took Ryan Drese.

        But the best baseball talent on the field in Detroit will be Hines Ward -- once voted the best high school baseball player in the state of Georgia.
        And it was these two who combined to produce the vital play that basically clinched the Superbowl for the Steelers.
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