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What were the best trades this winter?

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  • What were the best trades this winter?

    Here are a few. The Mets getting Delgado seems to rank up there, as the article states. I'd have to see how Josh Beckett does in Boston before I say yes. Lots of others.

    Amongst other significant trades mentioned by DoubleX:

    - Troy Glaus was traded to the Blue Jays, leading to Corey Koskie being traded today to the Brewers
    - Lyle Overbay to the Blue Jays
    - Edgar Renteria to the Braves
    - Jim Thome to the White Sox for Aaron Rowand
    - Javier Vazquez to the White Sox for Orlando Hernandez
    - Milton Bradley to the Athletics
    - Alfonso Soriano to the Nationals for Brad Wilkerson
    - Sean Casey to the Pirates
    - Mike Cameron to the Padres

    Please chime in on your thoughts.


    Most significant trade? Delgado to Mets
    Long before the White Sox won the World Series and Theo Epstein celebrated Halloween in a gorilla suit, baseball front-office people were predicting that the trade market would be hopping this winter.

    The speculation certainly made sense. The 2005-06 free-agent class was nondescript, general managers agreed, so why not exercise a little creativity and make deals rather than just hand over your hard-earned cash to Scott Boras?

    The Florida Marlins got things rolling in November when they announced plans to shed their inventory, and quickly. General manager Larry Beinfest proceeded to slash the payroll and stock the Florida system with young pitching talent, while simultaneously helping the Red Sox, Mets, Cubs and Twins fill major needs through trades.

    Miguel Tejada moaned, groaned and stayed put in Baltimore. And while Manny Ramirez trade speculation abounded, it amounted to a whole lot of nothing. Barring a February shocker, he'll continue being Manny in the shadow of the Green Monster in 2006.

    All told, big league clubs consummated more than 40 trades after Washington and San Diego kicked things off with a Vinny Castilla-for-Brian Lawrence swap in early November. The deals range from the hyped (Carlos Delgado to New York) to the obscure (Kenny Baugh from Detroit to San Diego for Ricky Steik) to the perplexing (Alfonso Soriano from Texas to Washington).
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    One more trade that could work out very well for either (or both) team is the Giants-Angels Alfonzo for Finley. Both of those guys had down years last year, but if even one of them returns to a moderately high level and greatly helps his team it could be called a very good trade.


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      The one that didnt happen. Prior for Tejada. Thank god that fell through.
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        Phillies robbed the World Champs

        Philadelphia came out miles ahead acquiring Rowand for Thome, even though they threw in $22 million to make it work. Shades of Brock for Broglio!

        Josh Beckett to the Red Sox for next to nothing was a coup, as was Juan Pierre to my Cubs for Mitre and two AA hurlers. D. Willis is about all the Marlins have left after the fire sale, and it is really kind of sad. Reminds me of the contentious custody case where the little boy refused to go home with either his mom or his dad, citing evidence they continually beat him. The court then tried to award custody to the maternal grandparents, but the beatings were worse there. Finally in an unprecedented move, the boy was allowed to decide for himself and he chose the Florida Marlins as his guardians because "...they won't be able to beat anyone next year."
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          Its pretty Obvious.

          The Boston Red Sox send backup catcher Doug Mirabelli to the San Diego Padres for Mark Lorretta. Highway Robbery.


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            The Blue Jays, to me, are the story of the off-season. They have done, in my opinion, everything that could help them to compete with those two beasts of the east. Everything that they have done topples the competition. I commend them for really trying to keep their team strong in that OTHER country.

            I'm still upset with what The Cardinals haven't achieved and what The Indians are trying to do, in their awkward, don't know what to really do, kind of way.


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              I think the biggest steal this offseason was the big hurt going to oakland.

              Second to that, every player that came from the marlins.


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