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Davey Johnson and Cito Gaston

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  • Davey Johnson and Cito Gaston

    Why aren't these guys managing ? Both these guys have had big time success ,division and Series titles ,Johnson was good for 90 plus every year Gaston brings two Series north of the border and yet where are they? I have heard that Johnson is a bear but man give me him over a Don Baylor or Art Howe anyday.Leo the Lip said " Nice guys finish last " Any answers?

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    I guess you can give Cito points for not screwing things up. He had the horses and they took him to the promised land. Once the horses were gone he showed himself to be just another clueless guy in the dugout.

    Johnson is in his early 60's now and has a reputation for being amused with "help" from the front office. Tough to get or keep a job when you snub your boss.
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      Thanks I was not that familiar with Gastons abilities just saw he won with as you said" the horses".Makes me think of what Casey Stengle once said" Gee I was a dummy managing the Braves and I'm a geniuis managing the Yankees.How about that?" Johnson I have seen closely and wow there sure has to be a team or owner somewhere willing to put up with his shenanigans for 3 years or so while he rights the ship. Johnson had some family problems with a daughter ,I believe, and of course is well off but in his 60's is certainly not too old these days to bring a team around.


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