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SportsIllustrated's AL and NL East Preview

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  • SportsIllustrated's AL and NL East Preview

    SI is starting their previews for MLB with the two eastern divisions first. Worth a read if you are a fan of a team within the division and have nothing better to do.

    AL East:

    NL East:

    Nats are winners of the Best 'Pen in the NL East.
    We just need a better rotation. h
    The Q: Can the Cubs hold a 6-5 lead with 2 outs and nobody on in the 9th?

    The A: No

    ***********My Rant on Bud Selig***********
    Selig is like a stray pigeon. Pigeons are too self-absorbed to care about anyone else. They poo on people they don't like; they poo on people they don't even know. The only real difference between Selig and a pigeon is that Selig intends to bury our heritage, our traditions, and our culture,

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    This is interesting to say the least. It might be better off to separate this into two threads as both divisions are enough to talk about by themselves. I'll start with the dreaded AL East.

    Oh how I hate this division. I can't really hate The Yankees because they have money. That's no fault of their own, but, damn! Adding Damon to Jeter, Rodriquez, Sheffield, Giambi and Matsui is enough to drive any opposing pitcher into an insane asylum. Yet and still, there are enough strikeouts between 'em to make it interesting. If Randy and Mike show and prove with Chacon, Pavano and Wright/Weng ... then this is clearly their division. However, I'm going to say that if Toronto's pitching is as good as it looks, they will at least put Boston in 3rd. It would be better for me if they were able to put The Yanks in third but, breaking up the monotony will be enough to make me happy. My prediction:

    Blue Jays
    Red Sox
    Devil Rays.

    National League east? What is a Marlin anyway? I always like Atlanta because Bobby Cox knows how to get the most out of his players. But, with Leo on his side, I'm wondering how the pitching staff will do. I still say that they are the team to beat, simply because they have been for the past 14 years. They're worried about the leadoff spot, but with Giles/Renteria ... I think they will be fine. The Jones tandem followed by Franceour will be good enough to get them through plenty games, especially those started by Smoltz and Hudson.

    But, that other New York team with deep pockets will make it difficult for The Braves. Delgado just made that offense soooo much better. Less pressure for Beltran, while David Wright and Cliff Floyd will add necessary back up. I'm also thinking that if Rickey Henderson can clearly make a difference with Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes in the SB category .... that will add another dimension to their lineup.

    I'd have to say that it will be a toss-up between The Braves and The Mets. I'm unable at this point to say who has the edge. I think that Smoltz and Hudson give Atlanta a slight edge, but not by enough to make me think they will win the division.

    Following these two teams it appears it will be Philly and Washington - in that order. What is a Marlin anyway? Poor Dontrelle.


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