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Joe Mauer retires

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  • Joe Mauer retires

    Worries about suffering more concussions apparently played a major role in his decision.

    Let the HOF debate now begin in earnest! Obviously, he's one of those players who would have benefited greatly from some more years (at least more years as a catcher), but his career is what it is.
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    Pffft. He's in. Catcher's an underrepresented position, he was a great-but-not-elite offensive catcher (certainly the best among his contemporaries) and has a good defensive reputation. And if his career got split almost completely in half between backstop and first base, so be it, lots of catchers end up transitioning to part- or full-time first at some point.
    Plus, how could you not vote for a guy who can make plays like this in his sleep?


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      I don't know. People are going to split him into a first baseman in their minds. I forget who it was around here that brought it up first, but I thought his comparison to Nomar Garciaparra was a decent one.
      46 wins to match last year's total


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        Say it ain't so, Joe! I will never forget your catching usurpment of a salty A.J. Pierzynski in 2004, or you high-fiving the Metrodome crowd after winning the division on the last regular season game of 2006, or homering your first PA after missing the first month of your MVP 2009 season. A chapter truly ends in Minnesota baseball.

        And no, Mauer is not a HoFer. But he was damn good when healthy.
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          Chase Utley will probably announce his retirement very soon. The Dodgers just released him. By WAR, he has a better case than Mauer, even taking into account the lower standard for catchers, but not having reached 2000 hits will really hurt if not outright kill his chances.


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