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  • edsachs1
    Here are some of the top guys I would watch for the O's:

    These guys could see time in the bigs this season
    Troy Patton, P- Aquired from Astros, and I've heard early leader for 5th starter
    Garrett Olson, P- Saw time last season, but might start in AAA
    Radhamas Liz, P- Same as Olson
    Hayden Penn, P- Formerly a huge prospect, but injuries set him back. Still young enough though to revive his career.
    Nolan Reimold, OF- Basically the positional version of Penn but without major league experience.
    Matt Wieters, C- I've heard could be up as soon as September

    A little further away
    Billy Rowell, 3B (for now)- I think he'll have a huge year and be a top 20 prospect next year.
    Jake Arrieta, P- Tore up the AFL, it'll be interesting to see how he does
    Choyre Spoone, P- His stock rose significantly last season, will it continue?

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  • Imgran
    Besides the obvious -- Buchholz, Lowrie, Hagadone, etc. I'd like to keep an eye on Hunter Jones, a nice little lefthanded reliever who's shown good stuff so far as an undrafted free agent and could start in Portland or Pawtucket.

    Also of interest is catcher Mark Wagner, who's shown us something on offense, albeit in Lancaster.

    Speaking of catchers, we've got a beast on our hands starting at A+ ball next season. If he can stick at catcher despite concerns about his athleticism and arm, John Still is going to be a monster. I'm talking Mike Piazza potential -- he plugged 25 HR's last year between Greenville and a handful of Lancaster at bats and he's about to start a full year in Lancaster. Those offensive numbers are going to be insane!

    Speaking of overlooked but interesting prospects, Dustin Richardson has shown some interesting potential and handles a small size at Lancaster well last year.

    I'm also curious what we'll get out of Bubba Bell. He's coming off a monster season but that season was in Lancaster as a 24 year old. And he didn't hit well last year in 150 at bats in Portland after the promotion. He's right at the crossroads between becoming a really interesting prospect and being stuck at AAAA.

    Speaking of players on the cusp, George Kottaras has something to prove as well -- namely that he didn't peak as a 23 year old AA player and he really can progress to AAA level offensively.

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  • nerfan

    Chris Davis
    Neftali Feliz
    Kasey Kiker
    Michael Main
    Blake Beavan
    Taylor Teagarden
    Elvis Andrus


    Fernando Martinez
    Jon Niese

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  • NJMetfan4life
    I wanna see one guy in college pitch, Pat Venditte an ambidextrous pitcher.

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  • Zagi-CRO
    started a topic Top Prospects 2008

    Top Prospects 2008

    Please name few good prospects in your favourite team...

    For ex. Cubs - J.Vitters, T.Colvin, E.Patterson, S.Gallagher, G.Soto

    the Reds have a bunch of top prospects -J.Bruce, J.Votto, H.Bailey. J.Cueto, M.Maloney
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