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    I'm just gonna go with this top 100. It's ESPN's player ratings. Sure, the system isn't great, but the results are reasonable, and I don't really want to spend a lot of time arguing the list that we'll be working from. 59 players will be added. The top 30 rookie position players, minus Tulo and Braun, since they're already on the top 100 ESPN list, and the top 30 rookie pitchers, both based on VORP, courtesy of Baseball Prospectus. Finally, Mariano Rivera is added, because he's Mariano Rivera. We'll start out with the rookies, move up to Mariano, then to the ESPN list. Using this group of 159 players, we're going to make a top 50 of who has the highest trade value in baseball. If you're not aware, I am lifting the idea from Bill Simmons's annual NBA trade value column for ESPN.

    Here's how it works. I am going to post two players. You are going to consider: If these players were traded straight up, which team would win the trade? Take into account not just skills/performance, but also age, contract, and anything else a GM might consider.

    Once I post the two players, I will wait until ten votes are in. The winning player moves on to the next round. Then we do another round of voting. And it continues, though it's a little more complicated than that. An example might suffice.

    Let's say we're debating Curtis Granderson vs. Grady Sizemore, and Sizemore wins out. Then Sizemore moves on to face Jake Peavy, and Peavy wins out. Thus the order would be Peavy, Sizemore, Granderson. But if Sizemore beat Peavy, we would face Peavy against Granderson, and he would keep moving down the list until he defeated his opponent. So basically, winners move up the list until they don't win anymore, losers move down the list until they win or until they're facing an opponent they've already beaten.

    This is going to take a lot of time and patience. I hope we are ready for it. I will be posting the new players semi-regularly (I am a student and also work). I will total up the votes (I am limiting it to ten per round because I want to keep it simple), and generate the matchups myself. There will often be two matchups to think about per round, as players will move up and down the list. But while the effort required is high, I think it would be a lot of fun to generate a trade value list.

    Let's begin. Our first matchup is between Renyel Pinto of the Florida Marlins, and Rajai Davis of the San Francisco Giants. Here are their Baseball-Reference pages:

    I've never heard of them, so some research will be necessary for me. Finally, you can find contracts at the USA Today salaries database: If you can't find a player, just assume he makes the minimum, which is $380,000.

    Have fun!
    "Any pitcher who throws at a batter and deliberately tries to hit him is a communist."

    - Alvin Dark

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    I'd go Pinto, but not by much..
    "he probably used some performance enhancing drugs so he could do a better job on his report...i hear they make you gain weight" - Dr. Zizmor

    "I thought it was interesting and yes a conversation piece. Next time I post a similar story I will close with the question "So, do you think either of them have used steroids?" so that I can make the topic truly relevant to discussions about today's game." - Eric Davis


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      Renyel Pinto.
      Originally posted by Domenic
      The Yankees should see if Yogi Berra can still get behind the plate - he has ten World Series rings... he must be worth forty or fifty million a season.


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        I like that Pinto has an excellent strikeout rate, and that Davis can take a walk. Pinto had a better VORP last year, but that's because his playing time, compared to Davis's, typically translates to higher VORP. The reason I give Pinto the edge is because of age. He's two years younger than Davis, which means he has a better chance to get better.

        Renyel Pinto is my choice.
        "Any pitcher who throws at a batter and deliberately tries to hit him is a communist."

        - Alvin Dark


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