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  • Felix Hernandez

    What is his upside?
    I saw a few of his games last year and he was so inconsistent.
    I realize he is very young 21 I think, and already has 3 seasons in the majors if I recall correctly.

    Do you feel like he will never reach his potential until he matures a little? He seems to have alot of attitude on the mound.

    As for his stuff what does he possess?
    70 2 seam fastball
    60 4 seam fastball
    70 curveball
    75 slider
    60 change up

    is that accurate?

    Appreciate the info

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    The curveball is more like an 85. He has heat.

    2005 was not a full season, half of one if that. He just needs to be healthy.
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      His peak is basically the best pitcher in baseball. Many thought he would reach that this past year -- but it didn't happen. His start at Fenway last year definitely proved that he can dominate.
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