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The NL-AL talent gap

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  • The NL-AL talent gap

    As any baseball fan knows, the AL has been far better than the NL the past few years. But a few big name players - Johan Santana and Dan Haren, for example - have moved to the NL from the AL. How much has the gap been bridged? And why is it so prevalent?
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    I guess it's for the same reason that the Western Conferences are so much better than the Eastern Conferences in the NBA and NHL and the AFC is generally better than the NFC: these things just happen. It goes in cycles.
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      and don't forget miguel tequada


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        It's cyclical. NL used to be the toughest league years ago. NL has a lot more young talent, IMO.
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          Wow, I made a post in this thread last night that was deleted. I didn't go and use unmitigated gall, again, did I?

          Anyway, I said that the gap can basically be attributed to the Yankees in my opinion. I have no statistical research of findings to support that. However, the Yankees when they began spending forced other teams to keep pace and a lot of the AL teams have began spending to win. The NL doesn't really have a team like that pushing the pace. What's the incentive to spend a ton of money in the NL when you can carry a 60-70 million dollar payroll and still be on a fairly level playing gield and have a great chance at winning a division. In the AL, that doesn't cut it. And stars go where the money is at.
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