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Who are the most anticipated young players for 2008?

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  • Who are the most anticipated young players for 2008?

    I know that with the Yanks, I want to finally see a full season out of Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy. I would definitely like to see them develop their young talent into something very worthwhile, and in the past, rare to see: homegrown Yankee pitchers, much less a trio of them.

    For the young guys who are going to be on the 25-man roster in April, who are your most anticipated players, and why do you think they'll be significant this season?

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    For Baltimore, Adam Jones. The centerpiece of the Bedard deal, he should be starting in CF for the O's. Matt Albers/Garrett Olson/Troy Patton (though he's had some shoulder issues) will be the fifth starter for the O's. All of them have solid minor league numbers, and could have a breakout year. Another guy to watch will be Matt Wieters, though he probably won't start the season in Baltimore, barring an absolutely incredible spring. He was the consensus top position player in the 2007 draft, and by all reports has been impressive thus far in the spring.


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      Evan Longoria
      Colby Rasmus


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        Lowrie and Buchholz, possibly Masterson as well. We'll also be keeping an eye on Lester to see what he can do now that he's finally all the way healthy and coming off his good start in Game 4


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          Haven't seen Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, or Adam Miller (is he over his injuries yet?) mentioned yet. I'm also really interested to see a full season of Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez, and Elijah Dukes (if he can stay on the field).
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            with the Astros

            Michael Bourn
            JR Towles
            and Hunter Pence


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              Here in KC, we're looking forward to seeing what Billy Butler can do over an entire season. He showed flashes of "WOW" last year. George Brett said he's only heard the bat on ball contact sound made by BB's bat one other time in his life....and that was off Bo Jackson's bat.


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                Looking forward to everyday starts from Dan Ortmeier & Kevin Frandsen here in SF. It will be fun to watch the younger guys play every day. I also want to see more of Rajai Davis on the basepaths.
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                  Jason Kendall and Mike Cameron.

                  Oh wait, I mean, we're hoping this time the old guys we signed will actually do something.

                  Of course we're looking to see a full season of Yovani Gallardo and what he can do with 30+ starts, and what Braun can do with 150 games!
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                    Adding to what the Dude said about Yo and Braun, I'm anxious to see what Manny Parra will show up this year.
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                      jermz: Ortmeier & Frandsen here in SF .... I also want to see more of Davis on the basepaths.

                      a battle for second base with durham, but agreed on yer picks, jermz.
                      and davis, mr. highlight, it'll be fun to see him out in the field as well.
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                        i want to see more from jacoby and possibly brandon moss(i've heard good things).
                        after reading an article on the red sox website i want to see a little bit of dusty brown


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                          For the Rockies and me it has to be...............

                          Franklin Morales....if he wins a spot in the bottom of the rotation will he have more consistent control to show off that 95mph fastball and great curve. When he is on the hitters leave the box shaking their head when they strike out. Great lefty for us if he shows control.

                          Jayson Nix/ If he wins the American Idol job for 2nd the Rockies are conducting in ST will he have enough of a bat to give Tulo another great glove to work with.

                          Omar Quintanilla/ Long shot at the 2nd base job but has the hands of his first name. Some rate Nix's D over Quintanilla's but I would have to see it with my own eyes. I have read that Quintinilla's has worked on his stroke and is the guy I'm pulling for. If he hits .260 his glove will make up for it.


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