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    Bagwell: although Thomas has been slightly more consistent in his damage from the plate, I would rather go for the complete first baseman. Especially if I was an NL manager.

    Jim Edmonds or Larry Walker?


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      tough one, but i'll go with edmonds. while i don't doubt walker would have had a fine career no matter where he played, i do have a hard time believing he'd put up numbers similar to those with the rockies.

      chipper jones or j.d. drew?


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        Seriously? Chipper Jones is building a Hall of Fame case. Drew has been an injury prone disappointment.

        Which will be the top free agent firstbaseman this winter - Richie Sexton or Carlos Delgado?


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          That's a rough question. Delgado obviously has had a better career, but Sexson may have a better season, hard to say.

          Edge Delgado for me, though.

          Alex Rodriguez or Carlos Beltran?
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            Originally posted by leecemark
            Which will be the top free agent firstbaseman this winter - Richie Sexton or Carlos Delgado?
            I say Sexson, although it will be interesting.
            Delgado has the better career line, but Sexson is 2 years younger and, although he is currently hurt, is having a better 2004.

            Jim Thome or Jason Giambi?
            Conor Glassey

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            -Casey Stengel


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              when drew is healthy, he's far better than chipper jones, imo.

              edit: since MCF beat me to the last question, i'll pick thome. similar hitters i guess, but thome is better defensively. and, right now, a-rod over beltran. it looks beltran is only now starting to come into his own though.

              roger clemens or randy johnson?
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                Roger Clemens.

                Randy is just a bunch of raw power. He's waited until his 40s to really even try to be anything more than blow-past guy. He's more injury prone and hasn't had near as much consistency over his career.


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                  We've got 3 unanswered going here. I'll say Thome, A-Rod and Rocket .


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                    Yeah, that's why I didn't pose a new question after answering Rocket-Unit. Too many of us answered Sexson/Delgado at the exact same time .


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                      ok, now that we seem to have a break in the action...

                      mariano rivera or trevor hoffman?

                      edited because rivera/gagne didn't seem like a fair comparison
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                        This was an easy decision...

                        Rivera, because he's Rivera and his career speaks for itself. Hoffman has a lot of fabulous pitching to do to catch Mo.

                        Now, how about Lou Pinella or Larry Bowa?
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                          Pinella hands down. Bowa has never won anything.

                          Curt Schilling or Pedro Martinez


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                            Pedro. He's had a much better career and has more good years to come.

                            Michael Barrett or Damian Miller?
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                              ooo... good one...

                              Barrett: while Miller has had the better career so far, and while Barrett has had only one good year ('99), Barrett is just so much younger that I have to take him. Heck, just moving out of Montreal seems to have injected something in him (or is it moving into Wrigley Field?).

                              For the future -- Bobby Crosby or Rafael Furcal?


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                                Furcal. He's proved to me what he can do. We'll see what Bobby can do.

                                Vlad or Beltran


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