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Hillman Embarrasses Team

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  • Hillman Embarrasses Team

    I was going to post this in the Royals forum....but hey, who goes there?

    What does everyone think? Is this kind of display appropriate for a major league manager/team?

    I'm undecided at this point. On one hand, the Royals haven't been a major league team for quite some time and this sort of thing might have its place. On the other hand, who in the world is Trey Hillman to pull such a stunt? He's never played a major league game! However, he is the skipper now. Then again, the Royals rid themselves of their primary problem children - the types (Emil Brown, Angel Berorra, etc.) who would turn this type of baserunning display into an epidemic.


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    ...none disputed the merit of Hillman’s criticism.

    “If he’s going to do that after a game-winning homer,” DH Billy Butler said, “then he’s going to do it at anytime. That means no slack. That’s what we need.”
    Interesting approach, and I'm inclined to say, good for him.

    A manager must be accepted as authority, and, if anything, it is even more incumbent upon a guy who didn't himself play in the majors that his authority be established clearly and early.


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      The manager should rightfully insist that his team play to win, and mistakes like poor baserunning is something that players should deliver every single day. If you're tired, hurt, fine. At least play like you want to win the game, not just avoid the loss.
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        I also think it's ok for him to do this. It is spring training, and they need to work on this kind of stuff whenever they get the chance. Now if it happened right after a regular season game, and there was 20,000 fans watching this, THAT would be really embarassing. But as the manager, he has to show some authority, and I bet the players take him serious.

        I am not at all familiar with Hillman. What is his background and what has he done to earn his manager position?
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          You never know how humans will react to being embarrassed. Sometimes they get the message and sometimes they put.

          The Royals have been terrible base runners for years despite having one of the best base runners (Teahen) in the game. They do lack foot speed as a group, but that's not the problem. They have terrible instincts (or judgment, if you prefer) about advancing on the base paths.
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            I think your right not all people react well to embarassment, but I think its good that he set the tone for himself as the authority figure.

            He seems to have been well liked while coaching in Japan, not that I persoanlly spoke with any of his players, but they did seem fairly successful
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              It was probably a bit surprising, but since the entire team was there, it probably wasn't too embarassing. It would be wrong to do that with just one player, but I don't see a problem with doing it with the entire team. Although I'd recommend not doing it too often.


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                Great points by everyone thus far.

                I think the fact that he did this after a win lends more credibility to his motives. It also sends a message the the days of Buddy Bell are over. There were times I honestly thought he was gonna fall asleep during the postgame press conference....and I can count on three fingers how often I remember him getting fired up and in the face of a player or ump. So far Hillman seems to be bringing the right blend of youth, tenacity and likability to KC. He's that rare breed somewhere between the overbearing drill Sergent type (Tony Musser), the idiot type (Tony Pena), and the cat-napping old man type (Buddy Bell).


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                  'Nough said.
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                    I just think how many times I wish Dusty Baker had done that with Ronny Cedeno, even Lou Pinella should've done that a few times with him last year (when Cedeno barely even played).


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                      Maybe embarrassing them is not the best move. But that said he does need to establish authority, specially not having played before, and its not like the Royals have been a good team for a very long time now.


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                        As skipper of the Royals Hillman had every right to do that. NOT running out a ground ball to ss is NOT giving 110%. And he had every right to be upset. Regardless if they won or not, good move in my opinion.
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                          Exactly, it's the Royals we're talking about here. Sure, they have a future hall of famer in Ross Gload, but not a whole lot past that. They improved last year, but they've still been a huge joke in the league for a while. Nothing else has worked, so why not try this? At least have them playing the game the right way.


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                            Hey lay off Ross Gload. That stud leaves us Royals fans breathless every time he takes a wallop at the ball using that tennis backhand dropshot swing of his!


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