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Twins’ Liriano looks good in first outing in 18 months

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  • Twins’ Liriano looks good in first outing in 18 months

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    “I feel good. I feel strong. No pain, no soreness at all,” he said. “I was a little bit nervous, but after the first hitter that went away.”

    Good luck, Liriano!!
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    I hate you Brian Sabean!
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      Let the Hate begin, but i'm telling you, if this guy can bring it all back, he could be the best pitcher in the American League by a large margin. He was when he went down, and there's no reason he can't bring it back. TJ is hardly a death sentence now-a-days.


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        Didn't have the best outing today. 3 runs/4hits/2 IP


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          Is it just me, or is he throwing with COMPLETELY different mechanics? Look at the pics on for his ST starts this year. He looked a little like Mark Prior or some other USC guy before he got TJ Surgery. Now his elbow seems to be below the level of his shoulder as opposed to over it. An article on Yahoo! also said he'd throw a lot fewer sliders and try and change speeds more (Johan Santana taught him a circle change before leaving) because Twins pitching coach Rick Anderson thought the slider was directly hurting him, too.
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