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    I've read recently that MLB is promoting the game of baseball in China by incorporating baseball in their physical education departments curriculum and now parts of Canada have a program called winter ball to promote baseball in Canadian schools. Why aren't American kids in American elementary schools playing baseball as part of phycical education requirement or do they? I live in south Florida and every time I pass by a local elementary school the kids are either kicking soccer balls or shooting baskets in a country that invented baseball! I have never seen kids playing baseball or softball in an American elementary school playground. It seems as if other sports are being promoted here. Am I wrong?

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    My son played coed softball in some of his physical education classes in grades 4-10. High school kids here in NY select some of their activities in gym ranging from activities like cross country skiing, bowling, volleyball, weight training, square dancing etc.

    I'm sure some elementary schools let boys and girls play baseball in phys ed class or recess.
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      Good thread topic Richard. Going to be interesting hearing from the younger members of BBF.

      Out in the Boondocks Elementary, where I attended didn't have Phys Ed but we sure played a lot of ball during recess in the years 58-64.


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        Never seen it in elementary schools. Off hand I would say:
        1) equipment is too expensive
        2) too great a liability - children aren't usually killed by a basketball, kick ball or soccer ball

        The real problem about baseball is the discrepancy in abilities in general physical education classes. There is a very real danger of injury - not just to those who might be playing but the periphery kids that might be hit with a ball.

        Don't see #1 or #2 changing. If they are ever to be overcome, it would take massive $ not just in equipment but in administraive costs - as there are many steps that could be taken to overcome the dangers - however they all involve increased oversight and organizational personnel - which mean dollars.


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          At my school, we play kickball, basketball, soccer, softball, and a lot of simple games. No baseball though. I never really knew why...


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            Back in my day, It was usually whiffle ball or kick ball. Now a days, with some schools banning tag at recess, I doubt we'll ever see baseball being played during school hours again.


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              We had some softball and kickball, no baseball.


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                If MLB can get involved in other countries then they can involved with kids in American elementary schools. I sometimes read that less kids are playing baseball in America nowadays, but I never see it being played here yet I always see other sports played and it irritates me.


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                  Originally posted by Williamsburg2599 View Post
                  Back in my day, It was usually whiffle ball or kick ball. Now a days, with some schools banning tag at recess, I doubt we'll ever see baseball being played during school hours again.

                  Some traditional childhood games are disappearing from school playgrounds because educators say they're dangerous.
                  Elementary schools in Cheyenne, Wyo., and Spokane, Wash., banned tag at recess this year. Others, including a suburban Charleston, S.C., school, dumped contact sports such as soccer and touch football.

                  In other cities, including Wichita; San Jose, Calif.; Beaverton, Ore.; and Rancho Santa Fe., Calif., schools took similar actions earlier.

                  The bans were passed in the name of safety, but some children's health advocates say limiting exercise and free play can inhibit a child's development.

                  It's happening more," Thompson says. Educators worry about "kids running into one another" and getting hurt, she says.

                  Wow, how restrictive life is becoming. Issues like this is penalizing 99% of the kids for 1% of what happens. I can't think of one activity that some of the kids won't get hurt. Just part of being a kid.


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