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Mets fan killed at Shea

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  • Mets fan killed at Shea

    A 36-year-old man who was leaving a Mets game with his relatives at Shea Stadium in Queens on Tuesday night was killed after he fell over the side of an escalator and plunged more than 30 feet, the police and Mets officials said.

    The man was identified by the police as Antonio Nararainsami, a father of two from the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn who was attending the game with his young daughters and at least one cousin. With his two daughters trailing behind him, Mr. Nararainsami was walking down a still escalator near left field about 10 p.m. when he somehow went over the handrail and fell at least two levels to the floor of Lobby A, the police said.

    He was taken to New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens, where he died, the police said.

    It was unclear precisely what caused Mr. Nararainsami to go over the rail. But the police initially said he was sliding down the rail on his way out of the stadium when the accident occurred. Relatives, including his daughters, told several news organizations on Tuesday night that Mr. Nararainsami was not intoxicated and had simply lost his footing as he was walking down the escalator.

    “He wasn’t moving or nothing, he was just walking down,” Mr. Nararainsami’s 12-year-old daughter, Emily, told ABC Eyewitness News in New York. “I guess he tried to say something to us or something, and I guess he just lost his balance and flipped over.”
    That's just terrible.

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    That is awful. My thoughts and prayers go to his family.
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      I heard that last night on the News, I can't imagine what his girls must be going through. That is very sad, I can't even think of being a little kid and seeing your Dad die after being at a ball game.
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        This is very sad. But if in fact he was sliding down the stairs then I hope the Mets are no liable for this. I would think they'd have cameras around enough to catch what happened.


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          I remember seeing someone die at Michigan Stadium (heart attack) and wondering with all those people there must be quite a few people who have died here...and the same would go for most stadiums.

          its a pretty morbid idea to be sure, but its also fascinating
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            That really sucks to hear, and it's too bad he had to pay with his life for doing something so stupid.
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              Sometimes, there could be a fault in the escalator, resulting in such deaths, as what happened the other day. Nobody can be blamed for it, as it is accidental and not a direct fault.

              May he rest in peace, and it wasn't his fault. He did lose his balance, and that has happened. My teacher from fifth grade had a similar incident four years ago at her home, and as a result, she's paralyzed for the remainder of her life. Accidents happen, you know.


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                It might have been an up escalator they turned off so there's more ways for fans to exit. I usually take a ramp by RF so I don't know.
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                  I stick to stairs, but there is one thing
                  But the police initially said he was sliding down the rail on his way out of the stadium
                  Is that true? Or a guess.


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                    Originally posted by NJMetfan4life View Post
                    I stick to stairs, but there is one thing Is that true? Or a guess.
                    From someone who's been to Shea many times, falling over the escalator is a very hard thing to do without some provocation. But whether reckless, intoxicated or just a victim of circumstance, it is a sad tragedy in this last season of Shea Stadium.


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                      They used to block the escalators after games, and I guess this is why. But I'll tell you, even just walking down those escalators can induce vertigo.

                      Here's a photo that shows how the escalators are set up at Shea...

                      (Photo taken April 10, 2008. © Gary Dunaier)
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                        wow i can't believe that... Thats a sad story....Prayers def. go out to the family and friends.
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                          I'm not going to say too much as it's a tragedy, indeed. I also don't know all of the facts... but sliding down the rail of an escalator that's probably 20-30 feet high over concrete? Just... wow. Pretty poor decision making there.
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