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    and Rivera is of these days he won't have it
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      Starter, but next season, not this season.

      I don't think it's wise to remove him from the role he's currently in until the end of the season. I don't like making a pitcher a starter to reliever or reliever to starter in the middle of the season.


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        Originally posted by sturg1dj View Post
        I think the difference is how ready they are

        Johan had 343 IP in the minors

        Liriano had 494

        and Joba has 88.1 + around 200 in college.
        Wasn't Job a starter in college and in the minor leagues, though? I really don't understand this idea that transitioning him to the starting role would be so tramatic that it could ruin him? That sounds like hyperbole to me.
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          When I saw this scrolling along the bottom of ESPN every minute for three days, two things ran through my mind:

          1) Why does this internal Yankee crap need to be reported like it's national news?

          2) For how much longer will this young kid be throwing 98mph+ if you throw him out there for >80 pitches every 5th day?

          Hank has to be a moron.
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            Curt Schilling
            Fausto Carmona
            Johan Santana
            Derek Lowe
            Nolan Ryan.

            These are examples of great starters who started their career with a year or two in the bullpen first. Some of them made very, very bad relievers but Derek Lowe started off as an effective inning-chewing closer and relief ace. I don't see where any of them suffered for starting off with a few seasons in the bullpen, do you?


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              Joba was a starter of course. I think in the long run he should be one. If they want him to be a starter this season, it just can't be at once.

              Or they are sending him down to the minors or they let him pitch more innings, but let him build it up.

              Just my :twocents:


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                What I didn't understand was since they have a seasonal innings limit on him, they couldn't move him into the rotation now even if they wanted to, without him exceeding the limit before the season ends (unless he pitches so horribly). What would they do then, send him back to the pen when he's approaching that number?...

                If they think he can be an effective (let alone, great) starter, they should groom him and find out sooner than later, maybe after the All Star break - especially if Hughes and Kennedy continue their troubles. Assuming he's successful, the more innings he pitches, the more valuable he is. If he doesn't excel, there's always the pen to fall back on. It seems like a win-win, best case scenario, you have a young ace. Worst case scenario, you have an in-house heir to Mariano whom the face are already endeared to. Were they to bring in some random FA when Mo eventually goes, he'd be crucified if he got off to a bad start, nobody wants to replace Rivera, Joba has already earned the adoration of the Yankee fans, so it would be easier for him to fill Mo's shoes than it would be for an outsider.

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                  he should definitely be a starter. he is too good for a releiver but based on yankee starters, I think he should be a starter because their starting pitcher rotation is just pathetic.
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                    I vote reliever. He looked great in the 8th last night, but bad in the 9th. I know that's an extremely small sample size, but I still think he's at his best in one-inning roles, likely being able to handle two as he matures. It would take time to get him stretched out enough to go six, and I have no idea how he would look the second and the third time through the order. He'll also likely lose some velocity as he racks up innings over the year. Stick with the outstanding 1-2 punch in the 8th-9th, and groom Joba as Mariano's successor.


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                      Two questions:
                      Why is this poll in "current events" rather than the Yankees forum?
                      Where is the option that says "he doesn't play for my team, therefore I don't care where he pitches"?
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                        Originally posted by bigtime39 View Post
                        Two questions:
                        Why is this poll in "current events" rather than the Yankees forum?
                        Where is the option that says "he doesn't play for my team, therefore I don't care where he pitches"?
                        I created this thread shortly after Hank's comments, therefore I found it relevant
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