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  • Who Is Washed Up?

    Among these players off to slow starts, who do you think will bounce back?
    Gary Sheffield, CC Sabathia, Andrew Jones, Ryan Howard, Carlos Delgado, Travis Hafner, David Ortiz, Roy Oswalt

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    IMO Gary Sheffield, Carlos Delgado, and Andruw Jones are the most likely to rebound and have a good season.


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      really, those were the guys I voted LEAST likely to bounce back, given age and performance last season. They are all clearly in serious decline.


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        Ortiz leads the Sox in RBIs and is batting .300 with 3 HRs in the last 10 games. He's picking it up.


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          I'd like to see Brad Hawpe do something.
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            Ortiz, Sabathia, Howard, and Ozwalt are still in their primes, and are coming off of very strong seasons. I think they are just off to slow starts. This is of course assuming that they are not injured. I would be suprised if any of them have awful numbers once the season is over.

            Hafner is putting up his second miserable season in a row. Isn't the old saying "two's a trend?" Or is that three? I can't remember. Either way, I would say it is about 50%-50% that he will bounce back to pre-2007 numbers.

            Delgado, Jones, and Sheffield are the oldest of the bunch, and have been declining now for several seasons each. I would be shocked if any of them put up numbers that look anything like their primes. Sheff is old and less productive that he was when he was younger. You could say the same thing for Delgado. Jones should still be productive, but isn't. Jones may be "washed up."
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