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which lineup is better?

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  • which lineup is better?

    line up a:

    C-Russell Martin
    1B-Justin Morneau
    2B-Brandon Phillips
    SS-Jose Reyes
    3B-Alex Rodriguez
    CF-Ichiro Suzuki
    LF-Manny Ramirez
    RF-Magglio Ordonez
    DH-Hideki Matsui

    SP Webb
    SP Haren
    SP Peavy
    SP Wang
    SP Bedard
    CL Wagner


    line up B

    C-Victor Martinez
    1B-Albert Pujols
    2B-Chase Utley
    SS-Hanley Ramirez
    3B-David Wright
    CF-Grady Sizemore
    LF-Carl Crawford
    RF-Adam Dunn
    DH-Pronk (Hafner)

    SP Beckett
    SP Halladay
    SP Santana
    SP Sabathia
    SP Zambrano
    CL Mo
    team A
    team B

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    I'll go with B's hitting and A's pitching...B will get my vote!


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      why A's pitching?


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        I voted team A. I think they would have too much for team B. Thats my opinion anyway.
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          Originally posted by blackout805 View Post
          why A's pitching?
          ...because outside of Santana (and possibly Beckett), my next five pitching choices would be from team A.


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            I'd give a slight edge to team B, though it is close.
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              Which lineup

              Does defense count?


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                Team B, I compared the positions and chose which Id rather have, and team B won 9-6. It was quite close a call though.
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                  The pitching favors Team A in my book, and even though I like David Wright as a batter, I don't like him as a fielder -- 26 errors last year or something outrageous -- so that led me to team A, also.

                  So, if it's true that good pitching stops good hitting, A is better.


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                    B has the better lineup and pitching.


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                      which lineup

                      What do you like about B's pitching, Brooklyn?


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                        Originally posted by keystone View Post
                        What do you like about B's pitching, Brooklyn?
                        There is a clear edge in closer, Mo over Wagner.

                        I think Santana is the best pitcher in baseball, so they have the better number 1. Ranking the starters 1-10, I might have them something like this:

                        Santana (B)
                        Webb (A)
                        Peavy (A)
                        Halladay (B)
                        Beckett (B) - extra points for post season dominance
                        Zambrano (B)
                        Bedard (A)
                        Haren (A)
                        Sabathia (B) - dropped because of his terrible start, but he is the raining Cy Young winner
                        Wang (A) - I'm not sold on him. His wins are inflated because he plays for the Yankees. I'd have him higher if it weren't for his poor post-season.

                        Based on this, you can probalby see why I went B over A.


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                          For team B, Dunn should be the DH. Make someone else their RF.
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                            If the vote is for this moment in time, it'd be hard to rank Johan Santana over Brandon Webb. As time goes on, though, you might be right, Brooklyn.

                            Zambrano is solid, but I'm not all that impressed with Halladay's ERA over his career. Sabathia? Like I said, maybe later!


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